99 times out of 100 I still just close the app when someone trots out this annoying thing.


Grypolyth and Mortem handle it just fine.

And yes I’m aware that Mortem sadly isn’t available anymore, but in my defense unless you’re up against a maxed out Testa with max boosts you don’t necessarily need an equally maxed Mortem.


Indotaurus can handle the pesky shelled stag with care, all thanks to its double cloak and its rending counter.

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Parasauthops is much more problematic than Testa nowadays


Grypolyth, Mortem Rex, Indotaurus, Albertospinos, Antarctovenator, Diorajasaur, Ankylos Lux, Arctovasilas: Allow us to introduce ourselves.


Testa isn’t really a problem of for top players but I faced one in my arena and it is really really powerful for my rn

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It’s not so bad when I have Grypo or even Queztorion on my lineup, but nothing is more annoying than having Testa go up against anything without an armor piercing move. Even my Poukandactylus, who’s part fierce, barely puts a dent in it.

I need to get Albertospinos on my team…

Testa isn’t that big a deal anymore - if you have a decent indoT or Morty it’s toast. I’m in the Library BTW.

Even MRhino can easily kill Testa these days. But all those people will thank you every time you close the game and give them a free win :wink:


Also Skoona now works very well.

But my favorite Testa counter still is Entelolania :slight_smile:
If you play it right you then even can deceide between a boosted dig-in or 9.5k damage devastation after taking out Testa

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It was mine too but unfortunately super turtle got really hurt this update so i ended dropping him till we get a advantage unique tourney.

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It was nerfed? Or was it power creep that got it?

Power creep got it good unfortunately. Mortem, ref, boa were the new ones that came. Mortem of all was the one that annoyed me and made me drop it.

Mine alswell.

60.000 useless cash and 2 million coins.

These constant changes in creatures’ viability is really bothering me lately. I’m in high Gyro currently, so my PvP team needs to basically be level 30s moderately to heavily boosted. I can not afford to keep up with these constant changes and I feel like I may be done trying to change my team when Ludia decides we should