Testacornibus 1 of many threads

The 1st of what i can only imagine of many threads.

The upcoming nerf for Testa is useless.
a such heavily armoured creature shouldn’t have the ability to heal every single time you press a button to attack it or run from it.
swap prevention only opens the gate up for 1 viable dino, if your lucky enough to be running it.
stun? what good is that? SR3 perhaps can get a hit in, but you can guarantee next turn dig in will cleanse the DOT re-heal and back to square 1.
Other stuns will 99% of the time be from a swap in from rhino or cera etc. unfortunately it’ll heal as you swap out.

Come on guys, there is a shortage of brains going on in management here.
Or give us a Mortem with 2 instant rampages that apply a 40% DOT.

you probably said that last statement sounds ridiculous, management should have said the same to the bright spark who bought Testa’s update ideas to 2.9


While I welcome the nerfs to Testa, I too fear that they won’t go far enough as far as balancing it goes. It still has an extremely problematic moveset, abilities, and resistances. Only time will tell.

I feel they shoud’ve just tried to remove the counter heal first and then go from there. Removing it’s swap in ability seems stupid as it’s charecteristic of it’s materials and has been part of it’s moveset for a long time

I don’t think the nerfs to Hadros or Cera are any better, really. The actual changes we needed aren’t being implemented.

The buff to Morty was pathetic, too, and didn’t address the problems there either.

I mean… the thing was useless before. They can’t have it down in the gutter after 2 weeks. Also, we’re getting phorurex, andrewtops and indotaurus to hopefully be useful against it

As someone running wolverine deer I can assure you all that it’s power is being exaggerated. Dio, Tyrko, Grypo, Morty, chompers all work well against it. No shield breaking or armor piercing, meh 1st and 2nd turn damage… its not the unstoppable monster it’s being portrayed as.

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It’s not immortal. It can be taken down. Overconfidence killed this one. They underestimated the power of my Entelolania’s shield and paid the price lol.

It’s as close to immortal as a creature can get though. Assuming the testa user knows what they’re doing, it can be nearly impossible to take down. Hence why it needed a nerf. Even then, it will still probably require additional nerfs.

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Oh I don’t disagree, it definitely needs a nerf. Extremely tough to beat. Just showing that it’s also about the user.