Testacornibus oficially the worst unique

Even Monolorhino will kill it

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Testacornibus is the worst unique becouse the hardest to create. For create him you’ve need: one rare exclusive, one epic park with another hybrid and a global dawn/dusk spawn.

For abilities the worst remain monolorhino


Love how the epic is global and since the last patch Ive seen it once in a wild XD


I have had quite a few and got it to L20 now but I always run a giga scent at dusk each day

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It’s definitely underwhelming, especially when compared to mammolania. But it is not the worst unique and it doesn’t lose to Monolorhino.
Having 2 superiority moves is really strange though, even though it seems like everyone has dig in these days, I don’t understand why Testa doesn’t when Carboto and Eucla both do.


Im doing exactly the same every single day and really got only, pretty unfair tho :slight_smile:

Ouch - that sucks

Rhino and Constrictor are worse.

I was going to comment about Monolorhino, but I agree with your statement about Testacornibus being hard to create!


It’s not THAT rare.
But you gotta really want it.


There’s definitely going to be people who say ‘sPoOfEr!!!’ to that

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I raised an eyebrow myself. LOL
I talked to one of the top hunters in the game and they said it’s doable. :slight_smile:

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'sPoOfEr!!! ’
There. I said it.


I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, but honestly, I put up Giga Scents every evening and all I seem to get are Monolophosaurus… It’s driving me crazy.

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Okay number one :point_up:

Rhino can not kill it…it’s not close

Turn 1
Bus: 850

Rhino: 600

Turn 2
Bus: 850

Rhino: 1,500

Turn 3
Bus: 2,550

Rhino: 0

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How!? I’ve gotten quite a few but I’m nowhere close to this!

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I haven’t seen any eulacaderos in the wild. Is it in all zones?

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Good idea, @PQC I do this to spawn creatures of both night and dusk,and it gives good spawns,I have spawned 3 eucladoceros in my life.

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Yes,a global Dusk/Dawn spawn @Gojiraptor