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Testacornibus + Scorpio Rex 3 and the death of Mortem

I’m in the Shore… Or I was… And that Testa+SR3 combo is very common over there (and soon will be common in every mid-upper arena, I’m sure)… If I go back to Jurassic Ruins right now with my fully boosted level 30 team, I think the opponents over there will have more chances against me than I have against this duo… Honestly, this is beyond ridiculous.

You know what was my only chance against Testa? Mortem… You know what you’ve done to Mortem?

Scorpio Rex can come in, take little damage. Attack with 3k+ damage while bleeding and stunning Mortem, then kill him without taking another hit


Cera can come in with its 2608 swap in damage (soon to be more in the future), stun it. attack first next turn and if 1 out of those 2 attacks is a crit, I’m dead without touching Cera… “Oh what are the chances of that happening?”… Well, it happened three times already and it’s only the first week.

THAT’S what you’ve done to Morty, an Apex creature… Even lame Thor can be more useful now. At least it can get a hit in.


Amazing the difference 25% stun chance makes.

Stun has always been Chomper’s bane. Denying them damage trades while whittling down their HP has always been one of the most effective forms of dealing with them. Mortem never should have had any of his resistances touched. Truthfully, I think it needed an HP buff, not any nerfs.

Swap ins have really started to feel unfair. Not just the damage, but the effectiveness of the creature upon swapping in. The fact that some of these creatures with swap-in abilities are better duelists than creatures that HAVE no swap in utility? I would at least like to see more passives or On escape get added to old creatures who don’t have Swap-in effects…


Morty should be the one with full stun resistance. Ceramagnus and Hadros should be susceptible to stun. Just because resilients do alright against other resilients, doesn’t mean they get to resist everything their own type can use. It’s yet another problem with the class system - fierce resistances are less useful for the most part.


Yeah mortem needs changers.
Should have 75% stun resistance back and vulnerability resistance.
I think a hp buff
4750/4800 HP
2000 attack
108 speed
Moves can stay the same.


I think that Cleansing Impact needs to go. It’s too oppressive to Cunnings, which don’t have the HP to survive it. Right now Mortem is more of a counter to Cunnings than it is Resilients.

Otherwise, yeah. An HP buff and reverting the changes made last update would work wonders.


I think he does need some cleansing move, to make him more unqiue as an apex, otherwise he is just a weaker thor.
The thing with mortem is that its easy to make him underpowered but with 1 small change could make him OP.
Hard to balance

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(Low lvls) I like those odds!

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In my opinion, the cleansing moves cause more trouble than they fix. He doesn’t need to be an answer to Cunnings. I’d like to see him get a Ferocious move (Perhaps the return of a heal that buffs attack like Adrenaline Surge used to) or perhaps give him Killer Instinct (the new priority Impact they gave to Albertosaurus). He doesn’t need a cleanse to be better than Thor, he already has better resistances and more damage.

Mortem’s big problem, in my opinion, is that he’s got the highest base damage in the game, but he can’t actually use that damage to counter the Resilients he’s supposed to. He, and other Fierce like him, need more tools to actually kill Resilients, not to get countered less by Cunnings


Morty was already struggling at the beach when SR3 came. Then they nerfed it… Fierce is in a bad spot now. Fierce is the new cunning.


This is just another of those decisions made at Ludia that truly beggar belief.

Who makes these decisions and how do they possibly make any sense?

Mortem was pretty much done for when the flocks and SR3 entered the fray, then the chance of stun was doubled and it became vulnerable too!

Way to go Ludia!


It really is hard to comprehend… It’s like different people are in charge of different creatures or aspects of the game, so each makes their own change, then mix them together and things don’t add up.


You may be onto something! Just think of the hit spot for each dinos (or bosses). Some are small, some are huge. Really, it does sound like either nothing is documented at all (so if somebody add a dino, they can do whatever they want with parameters), or they simply don’t talk to each others when it’s time to do something. So, for balancing, it’s more than likely the same. They call a meeting, talk about the weather or last sport event, throw a dice, and we get the funkiest nerf in return.



“Hey, did you watch the Superbowl yesterday?! That was awesome! Oh, by the way, I nerfed Mortem!”


I’d really like to see Mortem lose the cleansing impact and gain a ferocious move instead. Since that would buff the base attack to 3000 meaning that the rampage would do 6000 which is exactly enough to one-shot any resilient in the game. So even ones with big healing like Testa and Hadros wouldn’t be able to survive Morty which seems fitting since it’s supposed to be the king of the fierces.

This would be my rework:



This would make for a fantastic change and finally give us a tool against all of these resilient abominations running amok in the current meta. You know things are getting bad when a fierce is forced to one-shot its resilient prey or be one shot itself.


no… no it wouldnt nitro morties have ruled the roost long enough time for them to take their licks like everyone else and heal and increase damage? nope just nope

The change would actually give cunnings a much better chance against morty. Cunnings would be able to distract and nullify the damage increase, as opposed to being one shot be mortem’s CI.


i dont disagree with many of the changes but the heal pfft no thanks a double critting mortie i would just rage quit :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d only give it a heal as an On Escape move at the most, as otherwise it’s really only Resilients who should have healing abilities of any kind, with the only exceptions being Cunning Resilients, Fierce Resilients, and some Wildcards with Resilient creature DNA in them (like Tenontorex).

An Armor-Piercing version of Ferocious Impact would work just as well as those much needed Resistance buffs.


Tryostronix and Postosuchus both have heals, with Postosuchus being one of the original creatures with a heal. Heals are a bit of neutral skill, with Resilients being uniquely capable of healing their allies. Considering that the problem with Mortem is that it can’t survive long enough to deal damage, rather than it’s lack of damage, I would like to see more options that increase Fierce survivablity, rather than just doubling down on damage acceleration.

As for giving Mortem a heal, it gives him much needed survivability against the Burst that most of the best Resilients can dish out. While an On Escape heal would be a great alternative (I support either as effective, a heal on kill could also work, or perhaps a heal based on damage dealt), a Ferocious move that pierces armor is basically just a Turn-1 Fierce Rampage. That would be potent, especially considering that it would counteract the distraction potential of Faster Cunnings. A Ferocious Heal as a stalling move would give a faster Cunning time to remove the Ferocious buff in the first place.