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Testacornubus Counter is annoying

Ok seriously do you even play the game? You need crazy amounts of dmage to KO a Cornbius, and If you dont have a high enugh DPS you can bet your fight will last over 20 minutes


2 words: Bleed and Rend

As long as you or said Testa don’t swap, those abilities can make short work of it

(testa also lost some stun resistance so stun can help if you are lucky)


Allow me to introduce myself…

spinocon can work, if I face the armored deer with it, the armored menace will usually die


Thta would be optimal, if you could choose your dinos, buts you cant so there is an issue, if we could choose the dinoss before every battle most of the swap ins and counters would be less annoying


I think so i agree


I guess you and I are in the same boat. The deer always goes down if it vs my Constrictor. (I named him Venom for a reason)

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If the deer is smart, Spinocon dies. I’ve not lost my deer once to a Spino. Was it nearly dead? Yes. Was it dead? No.


Well, you don’t find many smart deer(s)

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Unfortunately the skill tournament has made it apparent that even Spinocon’s bleed isn’t enough to comfortably beat Testa, although it’s definitely your best bet as a bleeder. Even Scorpius G3 can’t.


Same. Was able to use Devastation against the tenrex that came out next, too.


I’ll copy paste my opinion about Testa on a different thread. But to add up here, it is not supposed to be quick to defeat an opponent. Despite this, it can be really fast to defeat Testa. You may defeat it in 2-3 turns with the right counters. Tryko and Grypo are probably the most accessible for everyone, but Spinoconstrictor or the newest Indotaurus both do great against Testa. MRhino is also a great tank that can chew through Testa with his shields + impact. Mortem, Scorpio, all great counters. And of course, rule #1 - if you want to defeat Testa, never run away mid battle. You lower its HP and leave it ready to be defeated by your next creature.

If its so good just put it on your team XD

Oh I see… my experience was that it mostly 50/50, some deer users were quite clever, but ik happy I was able to beat some

Testa: you fool I have three ways of healing.


well really there are only really one way for it to beat the deer, I think, that being EWS, Distraction, ID. But the deer has to go for Devastation turn 3 for this to work, if it goes for impact of strike well snake loses. And most deer now knowing this just go impact, dig in, strike.

if they just romve its counter healing, everything would be great

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Mortem kills testa

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Yeh the ews + Wound counter is a crazy combo hehe

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not everyone has a mortem

Im not saying i have one im just saying it is a hard counter