Testing alert from JWA

Anyone else get this notification? Maybe testing the new update?


I got it too.

Got it too. Update coming out soon. :eyes:

Yes same… think it may be a developer accidentally using the ‘live’ rather than ‘testing’ system :sweat_smile:

Or Blue up to her old naughty tricks again :t_rex:

I’m just restarting the game over and over waiting for the update🤷‍♂️
It probably isn’t dropping this soon right? I guess pterosaurs dropped mid week though right?

They dropped on a tuesday during a scheduled maintenance.

I got it on my iPhone
Did not get it on any of my androids though.

Nope nothing like that on android, can you not load the game on ios then??

No it’s loading I was just hoping that the update was dropping

I got the same thing on my iPad, but no update sadly. Maybe tomorrow after typical maintenance.

If it is like the last time will get a message saying that the server will be down starting at a certain time. When we get that message, we will probably know when the update will finally go live.