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Testing new teams after 1.10?

With a lot of us choosing not to spend up all are boosts just yet and see how things play out; now is the perfect time to test out all those creatures we were curious about but never played because of boosts. Share your experiences. Found any new favs or disappointments?


Just unlocked this. Haven’t used it yet. But it’s on the team for now. This will hopefully be a fun test.


So far this is my team and I’m super happy with it it’s like around good and reliable unless some boosted monster come in.


My team still has its main core 5. I’ve got to try out the new version of paramoloch. I tried monostego since it’s change. I got to shut down rat swap ins with it and remove them. Will try out indom and some other unused legendaries at team level and see how they do. Indo g2 does well, as to be expected.

Lol ya indo gen 2 is just so op

I tried it out just before the boost change and yeah, OP. Will probably be one i boost when i decide to, but Blue dna is super hard to come by when you’re working on other unique dino ingredients in the sanctuaries.

True but I have soooo much from two years worth of blue events and just wild blues I think if I had more indom gen 2 get up to level 22

i’d have a lv 19 or 20 indo g2 if i didn’t jump the gun and over level blue by 3.

Lol same but for echo

Anyway getting back on topic, the only thing I changed it maybe pyro for dilorahcious and then maybe traga for Carbaceratops and then just max thylo

How is Carbotoceratops? I wanted to unlock him but felt I would wait for smilonemys

Honestly I think it can now beat smilonemys plus bleeders can do can’t do anything to it so it’s really good plus with the busted superiority Vulnerability it and devistaion it just awesome the only thing is that chompers can do a lot on turn one but it does have distraction so

Here are the stats if you wanna get it

wow awesome

Yup,so what’s ur team Currently at

Since last tournament, I have used the Monostego more and more.

I think it has great potential in this meta.

Anyone else using it?

Nope. My Monostego is ready to be leveled to 26, but benched. Have enough chompers in team to eat through Monostego.

Currently trying out Quetzorion instead of Dio. Thinking about benching Thor, once I boost my team. Currently is on team as highest lvl dino. Will try some more probably.

Indo g2 is lvl 21 and safely benched.

My team is all 20-21 level

I am also trying indo rex for the first time (even though I now have it’s two hybrids both on my team lol)


  1. Swap In damage (maby stun…)
  2. Distraction
  3. Stun
  4. Dig-in or distraction/slowing/swap back.

I think there are many great tools here in a more un-boosted meta.

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