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Text change for swap in distraction!


Just as the title says.

Another ninja change in the text by ludia. Swap in distraction changed from 50% to 90%… as history repeats itself we know this wont actually be implemented until the next update. Still interesting

Dinos affected are dilo g2, diplo, diplo g2, and mono g2


If I’m not wrong, it’s always been 90%, not 50%.


Less luck in the game, I like it.

Not a big fan of luck based games, especially with the illusion of skill. Yet, here I am.


Ur definitely wrong lol

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I saw that yesterday and I was wondering that I am going crazy, because I definitely remember the effect being 50%


It is 50%. Ur not going crazy


Going to make diplo gen 2 very interesting. Swap in distract at 90%, instant distraction, and distracting impact


In Metahub it had always been 90%. This article is very old.

And this is the description of one of the creatures affected also with 90%

But it is true that on the official website speaks of 50%

As they are dinosaurs that nobody uses, I do not know what the real value was until now.


Its 50% man


If you don’t believe me go have a little test in game. Come back when u realize its 50%


if I believe you! :slight_smile: Also, it matches the official information.

He only said that in Metahub he had always appeared with 90%, from the beginning !!!


Metahub is wrong too. If they have it listed at 90% they either edited their page, or are just outright wrong.


@xescot i even took it upon myself to show u first hand that its 50
Here we have a touramoloch with 1070 damage using an impact attack. should do 1605 damage. But as we see, how much does it do? U guessed it!! 50%


Also. Something to note. Just in case u were wondering. Its a 2 turn lock right now


Well now, besides believing (I believed in you), I have proofs :slight_smile:




i won’t evolve this Diplo 2 just for this purpose…

Diplo 2 level 30 damage 1130 / HP 4740.

1.5 DI = 1695 + NS = 1130 = total 2825, still can’t kill DC. Then DC swapped out, Diplo 2 killed by swapped in dino…=> not quite useful unless “DI-> Rampage, damage=>1824”