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Text changes back to normal


All text changes back to normal for now. Thank you Ludia for listening to your players .

And thank you to all the players who made noise. We all just want to be heard. Changes for sake of game balance are of course welcome but Ludia has to consider the hard work the players had put into getting their dinosaurs to where they are right now.


Do you mean as far as changing the text back, or that you think the move changes won’t happen eventually? I appreciate the heads up before doing further fusing for uniques, but accurate move descriptions are always a plus too.


We are not sure yet. But at least Ludia knows that the players are not happy for the planned changes …


Players on this forum: I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you’re trying to nerf my utarinex, I can tell you I don’t have money but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my utarinex go now, that will be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you and I will … you. :smiley:


Not disagreeing that Rinex would get hit slightly harder than needed, but that creature as it is right now is every bit as “broken” as Dracorex gen2 in my opinion. I don’t call for nerfs, I just play the game, but I had to bite my tongue every time someone wanted to call for Draco g2 nerfs but not mention a word about Rinex. For the sake of discussion, let’s say I agree 100% with whatever move changes aren’t sitting well with you. Would you agree that balance changes do need to happen somewhat regularly to keep the meta from getting stale?


I’ll refer you to this discussion here. Utarinex distracting rampage delay

I agree with @TheFett “ Meta updates should be made by introducing new compelling creatures, not stomping on old ones. We’ve spent months working on this dino and now in one swift click this may make months of work obsolete. This is a UNIQUE! It’s supposed to be powerful and intimidating.”


Thanks :+1: I just found another long thread about the text change backlash too. I honestly can’t keep up with this place and still have time to level my dinos. Best of lucky getting your demands met, I’m slowly backing away from this discussion now.


I get that, I do. I know the scale is different but it’s taken a lot of time and effort for me too. I just think we all may be looking at this on a very short timeline. No changes, positive or negative, are meant to remain that way for ever. If something gets nerfed too hard, the pendulum usually swings back the other way at the next update. I do fully agree that uniques need to have a great and worthwhile move set. Making Rinex have strike as it’s only turn 1 move isn’t the way to go. This assumes that’s the only planned change. It could get a major damage and/or speed bump as well. I get where you’re coming from but I don’t like where that kind of thinking directs the game in the long run is all I’m trying to say.


I’m not sure until mext patch…it’s happended the same with first dilorano: nerfed for a little, then reverted back, then finally nerfed the later patch…so we can’t be sure and this could have been an “hint” on what will happen on 1.6…
Regarding the changes i would be glad of all exept for rinex obviously, but as i said on an other post, if all the rampages moves has to have a one turn delay, it could be ok, but it should be for all of them and in a definitive way that we know…
Obviously in this scenario rinex should get a complete overhaul, but it’s another topic…

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maybe they will focus on buffing the right ones to counter the nuisances

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I hope they go through with the change to dracorex 2; it really should have the same lockdown debuff duration as literally every single other swap in ability in the game. The nerf to distracting rampage is definitely a bad move though. I can understand sometimes things need balancing but that wouldnt balance utarinex or pyrritator; it would render them completely unusable unless they got something else as compensation.


No, not all. Normal no effect rampage (for Stegod) is a no cooldown move.
And it shouldn’t get cooldown.

The upcoming Diplodocus might also got a no-cooldown decelerating rampage.


Remember Dinothesaurus-MadMax that Utarinex is supposed to be much, much better than Dracorex gen 2. The reason Dracorex gen 2 is called “broken” is because it’s miles ahead of every other common dinosaur and its nature makes you able to finish a team out while it’s impossible to see it coming. Is Utarinex miles ahead of every other unique? No, I would put it third or fourth behind Tryko, Diloracheirus and Erlidominus.

Yes, balance changes are needed to keep the meta from getting stale. But those changes should expand the meta, not make good dinos useless and repeat this cycle again and again. That’s a lazy way to get people to play the game.

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Yeah, sorry, i was indending all rampages with an effect. Normal rampage i agree it should not have a delay. If distracting rampage will get the delay it should be fair that decelerating rampage would get it too. That’s what i meant😄


Pls don’t change movesets during a tournament- that’s like changing the rules during a game. Come on people

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I think they won’t change dino during tournament.
Literally unfair.
Also they mentioned their office will close until the new year.

But those text change recently might related to next upcoming patch (ver.1.6 or 2.0?)

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Thanks to those crybabies rinex might not get that sia they seem to have been planning for it.


We don’t know it will come or not, even if its in developer’s mind.
I won’t try to guess something not happening.

But the text change on distract rampage was real.


Hmm. So I think I am gonna wait till next update before going for rinex. Ok no problem at all. Hopefully the update is soon enough


Yes, they were probably planning on some sort of swap-in distraction type move to compensate for it. May still happen though. We shall see when the next update drops.

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