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Text chat for raids

I think it would be great if we had some sort of raid text chat. For those people who do not have access to discord it can be very difficult to coordinate with your raid team. You could have a chat before the raid to discuss which creatures would be good. When ever you start the raid you have a chat button which opens the chat so you can discuss your moves. I think would be a great addition to the game. Right now all we have are preset bubbles to help your team, but for moves that do the same thing like instant invincibility taunt and group taunting shields it could get confusing when someone says shields up team. this would honestly make raids better and more efficient. @Ned

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Thanks for the suggestion, Overkill_999! The idea for a Raid chat was a popular suggestion/feedback we’ve gotten previously, and it was passed to our team! :smiley:


thanks for reviewing and have a nice day

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So I was doing the Pyrritator raid with one other person who kind of knew what to do but this inability to communicate in the Lobby is frustrating as all get out. I think it took like 5 times before we got it right as the exact right moves had to be made at the exact right time in order to successfully take down the boss.

It would certainly saved a lot of hassle if we were able to communicate just a bit in the lobby rather than going out and trying to do this in the chat so we can at least get the right critters together.

This needing Discord to actually be able to defeat the harder raids is just dumb. What were you guys thinking? Do you think this is as simple as Pokemon towers where you tap as fast as you can? So then I’m stuck with using some ingenuity by using my own two and my wife’s two accounts and doing the raids solo. Hey, I don’t have to communicate with anyone.

And by the way, if I successfully beat two raids in a row, all the screens, including the one I took the picture with gets stuck where the incubator is suppose to pop up. See the below picture. Yea, after I won the Indoraptor raid, I redid the Pyrritator raid and won and this is what happens. I had to kill and reopen JWA on all 4 devises. The other problem is it shows the incubator for the Indo raid after winning the Pyrritator raid. This happens and it freezes on all devices.

Anyway, lobby chat would be as useful and helpful as when you finally added the last logged in time for alliance members so we can see who is no longer playing anymore.

We definitely need this not just emotes and little texts we need an actual text chat like alliance’s