Thagomizer,,, For those that didn't know,,,,,


(and I’m sure a lot of you did) , the word ‘Thagomizer’ comes from an old Gary Larson cartoon,

The word ‘Thagomizer’ has been broadly adopted by the paleo-scientific community in the absence of an actual word describing this particular body part.

I never said it was an interesting story, always makes me giggle though.


Thanks. I had forgotten about that comic.


Haha thanks, this is brilliant! I always wondered why the move is called the Thagomizer! :joy:


Great find! Still enjoy his cartoons by this day.


OMG, that’s hysterical! :rofl: I was wondering what Thagomizer meant since multiple dinosaurs have the move. I actually thought it must be one of those deep gamer references I never get. :joy:


I was wondering about why it was called that. But wow that’s brilliant.