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Thagomizer in 2.0 and Slowing move Overlap

While I like a great deal of this update (It brought me out of JWA hiatus) there were some odd choices I noticed right away. The one related to this post being the abundance of Thagomizer variants on dinos that have no business having Thagomizer like Ardentis, Trago and Brontotherium. I do get what they were going for, a Slow that has AoE in Raids. But they kind of left out Slowing and Decel moves. Slow is literally just a longer lasting Decel, and now besides the multi-targeting, Thago is still basically Decel but a longer cooldown. My proposal:

Slowing Moves:

  • Slowing Impact - Target Fastest: Reduce speed by 50% for 3 turns. Attack 1.5x
    Cooldown: 1

Literally what we have now. Capable of bringing a dino to 0 speed and the only one of this bunch that can do so by itself.

Decelerating Moves:

  • Decelerating Impact - Target Fastest: Remove Speed Increase. Reduce speed by 50% for 2 turns. Attack 1.5x
    Cooldown: 1

  • Decelerating Rampage - (Same as Impact but with 2x damage)

  • Group Decelerating Impact - (Same as others but targets all opponents)

  • Group Decelerating Rampage - (Same as above but with 2x damage)

*Basically you sacrifice the longer Slow for Speed Increase removal. Decel was a very Sauropod-centric move in regard to what usually had it. Having these variants means the AoE version could be solely for Sauropods due to their immense earthshaking size while other dinos could still make use of the anti speed increase mechanic without the AoE utility. It makes sense flavor-wise. Plus, you’d think a move with “Decelerating” in its name would remove speed increases, hmm.

Thagomizer Moves:

  • Thagomizer - Target Fastest: Reduce speed by 50% for 2 turns. Target is vulnerable for 1 attack, lasting 2 turns. Attack 1.5x
    Cooldown: 2

*Basically what would be the Impact version of Superior Vulnerability but without the Distraction Cleanse. And it fills its own niche with a shorter Slow than Slowing Impact, but no Speed Increase removal like Decel. The Ankylosaurids have SVuln, Stegos would have Thago, and Sauropods have Group Decel while various other dinos could have Slowing Impact and the single target Decel moves. .


Yeah, it would be nice to have some sort of universality in decelerating moves. Just pick one name do we don’t have to keep track of all the different names. There’s already enough other slowing moves to remember, like “superiority” and “resilient”, so any streamlining with the basic decelerating attacks would be helpful. It would basically be variations on the formula “(target)-decelerating-(power)”, like “group decelerating impact” or “decelerating rampage”. They could have standard cool downs so we don’t have to worry about having “slowing” moves too. And it satisfies the dino nerd in me that non-stegosaurs would no longer have thagomizer attacks. The idea of keeping keeping thagomizers but giving them vulnerable is a neat idea too. Personally though, I feel like they should address (slightly) rebalancing resilient moves first though, or at least do that along with these changes.

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Exactly. Get rid of this weird Lesser/Greater Thago stuff. *(Also, I made an eddit and just saw your response, you read my mind with the “Group” variaiton on moves!) Resilent just needs to flat out get rid of the Dodge/Cloak removal but otherwise it would be fine. Keeping the Speedup removal would probably be ok too. Leave the Precise aspect to Superiority Strike/Impact. Ironically, a lot of the dinos that have Resilient Strike now, had Superiority Strike before but would essentially be doing the same thing now if they kept it lol. Plus Ardentis could have it because of its Brachi parent and FINALLY have something different going for its moveset besides a stat change vs Ardonto.

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Yeah, exactly. I personally favor making resilient strike precise and removing precise from all other slowing moves (which also includes shielded decelerating strike and superior vulnerability). But in either case you would have one slowing/distraction cleansing move that hits through dodge and one that doesn’t, so it’s not a big difference.

Bro, they actually did it! At least part of it at least. Thanks Ludia, this is actually super helpful!

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Well I’ll be… That was quick XD

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