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Thagomizer needs... Something


After the cooldown reduction to Slowing Impact and Slow buff to SupStrike, Thagomizer just seems to be a really inferior slow with no real standout qualities other than a name change and painful 3 turn cooldown. You gotta give it something. Deccel Imp has a 1 turn CD with a 2 turn Slow and Slow Imp is now 2 turn CD with 3 turn Slow. Thag at 3 turns needs something more. Maybe…

A: CD reduction to 2 like Slowing Impact
B: 4 turn Slow instead of 3.
C: A Slow buff to -75% speed
D: A vulnerability debuff for 1 turn
E: A 0.10% DoT over 2 or 3 turns. (Probably not this since it goes too far into tank busting territory)

I’m personally leaning toward a -75% slow. They already have had other odd numbers like SupStrike’s previous 33% and then there’s Mimimal Speed Up Strike with a 10% buff to speed



needs to be a -101% slow reduction


It could ignores Armor and destroys shields because of the spikes. Good against fast defensive dinosaurs, such as Blue.


I kind of like this! Maybe make it break shields but otherwise deal normal damage? Stegod used to have Nodo/Nodopato’s AP Impact and then eventually AP Rampage but they took it away because they wanted to keep tank busting to the tank-busters, not the tanks.


Paprika. It needs paprika.


I agree … it’s just a worse Slowing Impact but with a cooler name.

It’s Extremely misleading


I thought of this when 1.6 patch notes hit, it lacks the nuance that slowing impact has now. And with SS buff it only gives you 1 shot at being faster, with the longest cooldown.

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I would love a one turn vulnerability.


I hope it does get something. Because I’m the highest ranked player that still uses stegod :joy::joy:


That’s a very good idea. A slowing attack that ignores armor would be perfect, since it’s only in the stego family… Don’t even need to break shields to be useful.


I understand what you want but IMO we have too many defense shattering / armor piercing moves right now. I would rather give it vulnerability or minimal bleeding. It suits the moves and revives some underused mechanics.