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Thagomizer vs. Decelerating Impact - Game Mechanics Problem

I use Argentinosaurus and do pretty well, but whenever I encounter a Stego or another Dino with Thagomizer, somehow they are able to keep the speed advantage EVEN AFTER I USE DECELERATING IMPACT.
The maths don’t make sense! According to the description Thagomizer reduces the target’s speed 50% for 3 turns. So, when Thagomizer hits my Argentinosaurus his speed goes down from 102 to 51.
Then my Argentinosaurus hits with Decelerating Impact. According to description the target’s speed is reduced 90% for 2 turns. The Stegosaurus’ speed should go down from 116 to 11.6!
51 is higher than 11.6, so the Argentinosaurus SHOULD HAVE SPEED ADVANTAGE, but he doesn’t! For some reason, the Stego keeps the speed advantage and is able to kill me. Why?
Does armor somehow do something here??
Or are the game mechanics off somehow in this example??

Sounds like a bug to me, you should get to go first.

Resurrecting an old thread because this just happened to me, but it was my Stegoceratops vs Stegodeus. They had used their thagomizer to reduce my ‘Tops from speed 110 to 55. Then I used my Slowing Impact to reduce them from 107 to 53.5. They did not use a Superiority strike at all in this exchange, so I know my speed reduction wasn’t stacked and they weren’t cleansed. Yet they were able to get a killing blow for the winwhen I should have gone first. Kinda frustrating when you’re on a losing streak and finally think “I’ve got them” and then you’re beaten by a bug.


I’m sorry to hear that happened @Jonus, our team is still looking into the issue, and they will try to find a fix for it as quickly as possible after their investigation. Once there is an update, we’ll be sure to let everyone know through the forums and other social media channels.