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i have an achievement to ise this move i thought all dinos had Thagomizer removed???

Well Ludia, nowadays…

Took me 15 minutes to find a dino that had just bellow instead of taunting bellow yesterday… some of them are frustrating


Just google JWA Bellow and you’ll find the page that lists the 3 creatures. Would have saved you 14 minutes 40 seconds. :smile:

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There is no achievment that requires you to use Thagomizer. The achievement “Thagomizer” requires:

Have these creatures at level 20 or more in your collection: Stegosaurus, Miragaia, Tuojiangosaurus, Wuherhosaurus and Kentrosaurus


Very true. But don’t get me started on Ludia forcing players to over-level creatures just for achievements with measley prizes. @Ned some feedback. Who wants to waste 5 levels of Kentro DNA for an achievement if it doesn’t need to be lvl 20.


awesome thanks!

Yeah yeah, I know but it was 1 of those “I KNOW this guy had bellow… nope… I KNOW this guy had bellow” kind of things… then it became a game

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