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Thagomizer's effect only last 2 turns instead of 3


Bug Description: Thagomizer’s effect only last 2 turns instead of 3

Area is was found in: any kind of battle

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Pick a dino with Thagomizer
Step 2 - Use Thagomizer at any time towards a non-immune creature
Step 3 - Thagomizer’s slow effect only last 2 turns instead of 3

How often does it happen: Always

What type of device are you using: Android

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here) No.


Sorry buddy, but it’s supposed to last for 2 turns


Yeah we got used to that… What bothers most of us today is that the cooldown is too big. They should add another effect to this move.


Sorry buddy, In game description says it last 3 turns.
They either have to fix the description, or the effect.


They are all like that. The only one is RtC since they changed it last update. Otherwise, the turn you use it counts as turn 1.

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I’m sorry but how do you not know this. It’s been a thing since like forever lol :joy: only RTC was altered like rathelon said.


Eventhough, thus is in the game for months, i cant blame the original poster to not have noticed this in-game, becausr not many dinos can survive 3 hits to notice the last decellerated turn, because of all the high damaging dinos in arena. Also, the original poster is correct to submit this as a bug, due to either faulty game play or faulty description.


Have you considered the fact that I’m a newer player than you ?

I feel amazed that there are people who think that I am ridiculous to point out a bug that has lasted for long time, rather than feeling ridiculous that it hasn’t been fixed for such a long time, at the same time show none consideration for newer players.


Icy, sorry, didn’t notice the description was changed. I was kinda sure because it’s always been this way, but in fact, I’ve been playing this game for a year or so, while you might very well be a newer player and hence know the move only by its description.

Sorry if this got you confused. The description’s the bug, however, not the move.

(you’ll notice that several items in this game are bugged / are false advertisments. In case you don’t know, the dinosaur face on an incubator doesn’t mean you automatically get that one. Sayin’ in case you wanna buy something. Better knowing in advance than being bummed out later)


Hope I didn’t come across rude, but yeahs that’s Ludia for you. About as clear as a piece of lead. :joy:


While we’re discussing Thagomizer, wth does it have only two of the little arrows in the icon when Slowing Impact has 3? Isn’t Thagomizer an improved version of SI that lasts 1 turn longer? I agree with @Arnold that it should have another ability to it.

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Thanks for the advice and kind words guys. Yes I also agree Thagomizer needs a buff . It’s just a slowing impact with longer cooldown, I mean why ?

Ludia needs to release bug fix updates more frequently. These are bugs that actually affect game play and cost you a battle. I find it unacceptable to just let it lay there for such a long time.