Thank the heavens it finally happened

15 epic scents later … I finally got the last Erliko. I needed 173 to be able to level it and I got 175 haha.

Now who to replace??


Id say take oh stegodeus. Ever since they nerfed him its your better choice

Nah droo monomimus lol


This is what world leaders must feel like when they see yet another country get their hands on nuclear technology


WOW grats!!! Its a beast!!

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I’ve actually really have had no issues with both stegod and monomimus since the nerfs. I think the green chicken needs more leveling.


You have a great team, but mono and toura seem to be the weak links. I’d replace one of them, but leaning mono. If you dont replace mono, then you’re setting yourself of for some bigger RNG headaches in the future. Too many evaders.