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Thank you... but:


To the moderators, and the developers,

We clearly enjoy this game, but we also know we can live without it (would rather not).

Thank you for reconsidering the potential change to one of the games most beloved creatures but we really could’ve avoided all of this in the first place.

All we ask for is communication. Instead of hearing from us through a global backlash, a simple online poll would have given you the same information … all while keeping everyone happier.

I hope we (users and developers) can take this as a lesson learned and move on … hopefully avoiding similar experiences in the future.

Happy holidays



Happy Holidays.

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Hear hear!


I’m not quite convinced yet that the change isn’t still going to happen in some form or fashion. Or that the text was inadvertently changed ahead of when it was planned to be.

I have to disagree with the poll idea though on changes. It would probably easily come down to those who have, or are working towards a particular creature or have creatures with that ability coming down on the ‘no, don’t change it’ side, while those that don’t have it and may not see the ingredients needed to make it and/or see it regularly in the arenas wanting the change to happen.

Honestly, all I see prior direct communication doing is causing just as big an outcry and backlash as the way it’s happening now. Games that tend to have a long life expectancy that involve many players, and player interaction, don’t generally announce changes to classes, gear, whatever ahead of time in many cases. Some do have test servers or such where you can see what has been changed so far, but even then none of what’s there is set in stone until a patch hits.

The same type of situation has already happened recently with the text change to SS. Especially when it came to Stegodeus and Tragodist…and both of those creatures are still on many teams out there.

Change happens…there will never be a perfect solution, and there’s always going to be a group that doesn’t like or agree with the changes. In this case though, at least there’s a heads up that its even coming and not just pounced on everyone next patch.



You are totally right bro… changes may still happen. They need to happen.

I think the manner they’re implemented though, needs a little more finesse than what we’ve seen thus far.

Regarding those changes tho, I think that user input should play some weight in the decision making process. Obviously not a final or even a majority stake, but something at least.

no taxation without representation


I’m totally in agreement that there definitely is great potential for Ludia to handle it in a different manner in which they have been that would be better globally! I know many others have said it before, but a little more direct communication between the devs and players would be wonderful. And probably do a lot to alleviate some of the tensions that have been slowly building among the player base.

While I would not be opposed at all to the player base having some sort of input, and think it would be interesting to help weigh in and give direct thoughts, I honestly can’t see where it wouldn’t come down to a case of have vs have not more often than not…with those who don’t have and don’t see it yet splitting on lines of whether they want it and/or are working towards it. Even then, I think in many ways it may eventually come back to where we are now, at square one.

For instance…change A is proposed and put forth to the player base. Players weigh in on both sides. Typically in these sorts of situations, opponents tend to be more vocal than proponents. The change occurs anyways in game. Now we’re back to a group who are unhappy with the change being vocal about it.

I promise I’m not trying to sound just contrary here or that it wouldn’t be nice…but even if we got what we asked for in this instance, of being able to help weigh in, or a poll, etc…I think long term it may actually cause more harm than good.


I dont want to start the chanting and pitchfork waving too early but the SS change is also a TERRIBLE idea. So SS would cancel out the advantage a decell move provides? Most dinos will die from the 2nd hit with no recourse… I know things have to change for balance but sometimes you have to scratch your head at the choices they make