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Thank You Devs!


I would like to take a moment to thank the developers for listening to the community and making the toothless even more manageable.
Also, thank you for incresing Toothless’ power (from 1300 ish to 1601), and I’m assuming that the Light Fury’s power has also been incresed but I don’t know for sure (if someone could confirm it would be great). I can’t wait to use them in my lineup!
I really appreciate this and hope this means we will continue to cooperate in the future.

One minor hiccup I found is that the free reset timer refreshes after each paid reset maybe this could be changed for future events?

That aside, thank you once again for improving this event.



You can hold a dragon miniature in the rooster to see it’s maxed out stats - Light Fury’s power limit is 1337 at the moment.

Edit: ok, that only works for Light Fury and Toothless, but I’m certain I have seen it somewhere else, probably in the breedery.


Help me please…if I reset do I lose everything I worked for or does it just bring me to a lower level so I can gain more?


You keep what you’ve earned, it just starts again at level 1


Light Fury has not had the power increase. I hope that changes. The “hiccup” you mentioned, isn’t a hiccup. The free reset is based on when you last reset, regardless of whether you used runes or not.