Thank you for changing the alliance rewards it made my members want to go for 5/5


Thank you! Almost anything is better than concavenator week after week.
Usually when my alliance hit 400 concavenator we ended it there not wanting to work harder for boring rewards.
Allosaur is so perfect to go with all the stored Sino. Lets get diplocaulus gen 2 sometime to get rid of all this concavenator.

Fellow JWA players message me if you want to join KillerRaptors discord and see how my alliance does things.


That’s awesome, @KillerRaptors! All those sweet Dimetrodon DNA :heart_eyes:

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Nicely done! :heart_eyes:

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How ironic is it now that they have changed I’m pretty sure half of my alliance is inactive and we barely got to three on each lol

Same for a lot of guilds. Game lost a lot of players between 1.6 swap in rats, 1.7 boosts, 1.8 neglect and the total and complete failure to listen to the players.

Over half the people i know that play hardley log in anymore and half of the ones that do, dont really bother with PvP at all now, they just log in to chat or say hi, and do strike towers and stuff then log out.

Game is becoming a ghost town. :frowning:

Our alliance has consistently let the defense reward hang at rank 2, but all of a sudden we’re hitting 3 on both rewards. Everyone wants that Dimetrodon.