THANK YOU for fixing the lag

Seriously. Thank you for fixing that. I have not been able to hunt Smilodon, Elas, and Marsupial Lion because of the lag that made it unplayable. So today I tried darting Elas and it was actually smooth! I wish this update happened sooner so I didn’t miss out on thousands of DNA every week but now I’m happy that it actually works for everyone. Thank you.



I second this! Thank you from me too :blush:


Je vais le dire en français car mon anglais n’est pas au point.
Merci pour cette mise à jour, c’est une réussite ! Le jeu était devenu injouable sur iphone6 et là je le retrouve comme au début !
Je peux lancer le drone sans souci, j’ai même pu attraper un mammifère (impensable avant), j’ai pu utiliser un diffuseur sans crasher à chaque pop, je peux lancer des défis amicaux et naviguer dans le jeu sans crasher !
J’espere que ça tiendra comme ça, en tout cas un grand bravo !

Translated from French:

I will say it in French because my english is not in point. Thank you for this update, it’s a success! The game had become unplayable on iphone6 ​​and here I find it as at the beginning! I can launch the drone without worry, I could even catch a mammal (unthinkable before), I could use a diffuser without crashing at every pop, I can launch friendly challenges and navigate the game without crashing! I hope it will hold like that, in any case a big congratulations!

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