Thank you for new creatures in 2.3 😒

…and that’s it. This update is very dissapointing in terms of the most important thing, balancing.

For real, literally no good change happened. Most of changes have no sense. It’s like you made them to make us think that you care about balancing, but you clearly don’t. Who wanted to reduce Alan and Alanky’s HP? Who wanted to reduce bleeding pterosaurs’ speed? Who wanted to increase Carbonemys’ speed? It shouldn’t be faster than Acro which should chomp through it. Who wanted to nerf Kelenken or Orion’s attack? Who wanted to reduce Nemys’s HP?

Why zero buffs for many creatures that need them?

And most importantly, who wanted to buff Phorusaura back to the broken state? You introduced delayed R&R just for her and you remove it after one update? What!?

And Thor’s new resistance. Genius. I won’t even comment it

But you at least did a good job with new creatures. I’ll surely enjoy hunting Antarctopelta to unlock the new unique between facing bleed resistant Thors and once again broken Phorusauras.


Don’t count on it. The hybrid is probably the next championship dino, which means it’s probably exclusive.


Another “pleasant” information. Yay

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They would of said it was exclusive like they have before

The notes are always full of mistakes. We’ll wait and see.


As someone only interested in the new prehistoric creatures, its a good update for me.


They aren’t always consistent with that

I’m so happy my spinoconstrictor will practically now be useless againts a main foe I face in the arena

I’m hoping the notes are a big mistake.

A new underpowered poukandactylus