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Thank you for not fearing to nerf Ardmax

I just wanted to say thank you to devs for dealing quickly with the OP Ardmax problem. For not waiting to do it for 9 months, like you did with Prorat or Indo G2. You did is as quickly as you could (first update after 2.0), I admire it. Nerfs are an important, neccessary part of this game and will always happen, sooner or later.

Before y’all start saying that I don’t care about your effort and grind, know that I do care about it. Not only I care about yours, about mine too. I used, leveled and boosted an Ardmax too.
But it’s not true that the nerf made Ardmax useless. No, it’s still perfectly useful, without doubt in the better half of uniques. There were way worse nerfs, this one isn’t that bad.
The nerf was slightly too big indeed. As I said, nerfs are neccessary (don’t even try to argue about it), but buffs are too if a creature is underpowered instead of overpowered. Both underpowered and overpowered creatures are unbalanced and need some kind of a change. Ardmax was very overpowered and needed a nerf, now it’s slightly underpowered and needs a slight buff. It has to happen quickly, just like the nerf had to. Do not wait with it please. Whenever you see that something is unbalanced, do something about it asap. Do not wait for months like you once did with indo G2 and Prorat. Act swiftly, do not fear to do balancing when it’s neccessary. Don’t care about people complaining that a nerf happened. It’s the sacrifice we all have to do if we want to have a balanced game. Balance for all is more important than the work some players had put into unbalanced dinos. We should all understand it.

A boost refund would be a fine compensation tho


I’m glad they nerfed Ardentis, but yeah, boost reset would be appreciated considering some of us were leaning on it to get us through Mortem raids. For all the hype they generated, they sure know how to smack a few of us down.

Otherwise, I’d be okay with them returning the armor at least. My Utasinoraptor took out one all on her own recently, and Ardentis is supposed to counter her! Not to mention Utasino was nerfed! So although she’s usable, I’m not sure she’s working as intended so to speak.


Regardless of mine, or anyone’s opinion on whether or not the nerf was harsh, it was a boost bait and switch. Plain and simple. I do agree with the decision. Could have kept the armor, but it is what it is.


Here we go again, please give Maxima a small buff so those threads stop!

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Yeah, they could have done a better job, but it’s better than not doing anything, i’ll say that. A slight buff is necessary for maxima in the future, so i hope they’ll address that.

Tryko on the other hand is on a weird spot. On one hand It has a distraction cleansing move that is unbalanced on a chomper, but on the other hand with only 4200 HP it’s too frail to properly deal with high damage speedsters. They should have scrapped this resilient impact idea and given It another slowing move that doesn’t cleanse distraction. With the loss of resilient counter It lost that interesting swap utility It had, that was really disappointing. Tryko should have It back and needs it’s HP back too, while removing the resilient move that was a terrible idea to start with. They decided on an incredibly simple nerf that didn’t deal with the real problem. And despite still having resilient impact It may be a bit underpowered now with the lack of utility and bulk.


Yeah, i can agree that this boost bait and switch strategy is incredibly annoying, and may i say unethical as well


Mine still seems to be doing ok (only T10 hp boost and nothing else). There are times when I miss the 100 damage, but once I’ll boost the attack, that won’t be a problem. Loving the extra gemini rampage lol.

Yeah It feels a bit underpowered now, but rather than boost resets I’d honestly prefer some more stability. Sure, the game needs change from time to time, but they could at least make an effort to maintain a certain level of strenght for all creatures when they are changed.

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I’ve taken out two maximas with rinex…let me repeat I took out TWO ARDENTISMAXIMAS WITH FREAKING UTARINEX.

Now am I saying buff it; no probably not and if it they do Buff it just give it’s old armor or old hp would be fine but again we have classes beating classes they shouldn’t; also the indo (both gems) and Orion buff were kinda dumb as it doesn’t let many tanks counter them now since thy don’t have low health. This is especially true of orion who already had that problem


Indeed, just buff It a bit already :rofl:

I’d be okay with that, too.

I’m just frustrated at not being able to participate in the Morty raids right now because of the attack drop. I know someone will yell “Poukadei”, but then are ya gonna also find me the three other high leveled players willing to wait on me to win?

It’s especially annoying that the boost reset was specifically FOR the raids. Now they’ve nerfed one of the dinos suitable for it without any compensation or whatnot. Ridiculous.


For me the HP nerf was way worse than the damage one. The damage is easily fixed with a few more boosts for the raid, and was honestly necessary since maxima had such a high damage output for a tank, but the amount of HP boosts i had to pour on her just to be able to use on the mortem raid was insane, it’s almost maxed. It didn’t need such a huge cut in HP. Like you said, It has made It Impossible for a great part of the players.
So they’re saying we should just shrug It off and use gemini instead? Oh no, no thank you. Even If i could, i wouldn’t toss half the boosts i have on Maxima just so they can do it all over again in future patches.


With Rinex? Lol
Maxima clearly isn’t doing what It was supposed to do.
On another note, I’m really disappointed they didn’t use your rework idea for Tryko, the Queen completely lost her flavor.


People that think dinos need to be nerfed are just mad they can’t hang or that when they thought they were being edgy and picked completely useless Dinos to buff they are now in a spot where they can’t do anything. Now majority of the people have wasted a boost which is completely messed up of them to do. I boosted a Dino then after tons of work and time they change the Dino making it a joke and all my boosts are wasted along with MAJORITY of players. Idc that max got nerfed but I don’t want to use him so now I’ve got a Dino that was completely a waste of effort. But hey glad you can find other Dinos to complain about bud hopefully they’ll mold the game to your liking someday.


Changing Dinos is just messed up all around, if they are broke that sucks but this game involves investing money or time and it’s messed up to make someone’s investment a complete waste. They need to nerf opinions.

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The arena is feeling much more balanced now (just remove stun and escape resistence from Pho). I have a max boosted Max on my team and have no intention of removing it or changing its configuration - I would probably re-boost it if there was a reset (and I’m glad there wasn’t so I have had the chance to try it boosted post-nerf).The nerf was slightly too harsh but only slightly.

You just need to play it differently now; its not a lead creature any more but many still play it that way - I would say that my opponent started with Max in 6 of my last 10 battles (Gyro/Shores) - thank you for the new high score!


Ludia create OP monsters, and then nerf them hard. That’s a bad act, and not something to thank them for.


Creating OP monsters definitely isn’t something to be thankful for, nerfing them is. That has to happen

But @thomasinho has a point. Despite nerfs being necessary, we shouldn’t thank them for overnerfing things, it’s different than making a balanced nerf


And it’s not like they did this in good faith, it’s obviously to push gemini on us as the better one, they could very well have made them equaly strong in different ways.