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Thank you for returning the old drone

honestly, I mean that.


I like it too
Thank you

Has it been 100% confirmed? It definitely feels better but I can’t tell how much is in my mind.

Indeed thanks! It still feels a hair off from the 1.6 drone, but yeah, much better then the 1.7 one for sure.

They didn’t roll it back I’m afraid. The drone moves way too fast now. It’s very chaotic. The previous one needed a small speed increase but nothing like what we got now. Sigh.


Yup it’s way too fast now. This is the problem with Ludia making changes that aren’t needed. They change something that worked fine and when changed people generally hated it. They change it again to try and go towards what it used to be because people weren’t happy, now I find it is worse than it was in 1.7 and worse than it was in 1.6. I’d happily have either the original, or the slow version over what it is now.


I think it was better before. Earlier it was kinda slow but stable.

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You think it’s faster coz the drone was slow

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The original 1.7 was actually an improvement.

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First i didn’t like the new way but i have to admit, this is a bit to fast. Or i got so used to is so mutsh that i is to fast now

All I know is I can shoot maximum darts and maneuver with the target, much like I did in 1.6. I think the slipperyness is just an adjustment from the slow and rock steady drone I’ve been fighting for the past week. Feels right to me!

v1.7 wasn’t out long enough for me to adapt and get used to it, so if it feels too fast for me now then i’m confident that it is much faster than 1.6 was.

Maybe there should be a “Drone setting” where you can adjust how fast you want the drone to go?


I’m doing much better (as in substantially) now then I was yesterday, that much is obvious to me.

For sure my first darting of Smilidon with this new drone was way worse than any attempt on marsupial lion with the 1.7 version. I’m sure I can get used to the new hyperspeed acceleration quickly enough, but didn’t they originally change it to be beginner-friendly? I expect another adjustment very soon.

It’s great that they increased the speed. Much better than 1.7. But the drone still has a lot of weight. Hard to change direction/stop once it gets some momentum.

Lucky, 4 hours now and all I have seen is 1 Spino G2 in the wild for Epics.

These daily spawns are global yes? Do I need to be in a certain zone or park?

feels like the old drone, I’m happy

The new drone update feels like the iPhone version of 1.6. It was flying all over the place when I tried to shoot. But hey at least you can’t say that dinosaurs get away anymore! :wink:

Feels like the old one to me, and my scores reflect that.

There’s one thing made right. Now, just eliminate boosts and refund all the in-game cash spent on them and I’m back, 100%.

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