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Thank you for returning the old drone

I think it’s a little bit faster than the old one.
or it can be my mistake.

Global, epic spawn rate is just low

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Why are they messing with this stuff??!!!??

1.6.25 was perfect.
1.7.25 I got used to, was a tad slow on the faster dinos.
1.7.27 impossible to recover, it goes way off course and feels like it hesitates to come back. I am consistently scoring 100 dna less than the previous targeting system.

I don’t understand why the devs would mess with the ONE thing that was polished with the game. I have played the game since release, and this is pretty much the last straw for me. It feels like every aspect of the game is being sabotaged from the inside.


now this is a great idea :star_struck:

I thought the same but I m sure it isn’t faster I actually hunt now same like on 1.6

Some sort of ‘sensitivity’ setting for the drone would be a great option. It seems to me like the developers are trying to find a ‘one size fits all’ set of parameters for the drone where it is clearly dependent on what phone you are using.

On my phone it’s quite similar between 1.6, 1.7 and 1.7fixed… I barely notice the changes. On my wife’s phone it was a LOT better with 1.7 so I presume it’s going to be difficult again for her!

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IMHO it’s way better now. I was able to score more dna with this drone than the 1.7 updated drone. I feel like it’s the 1.6 version I’m more familiar with. (iPhone 6s Plus) :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

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The new drone gives you all the power you need to line up your shots. You can easily overshoot it though if you aren’t precise with your control. I prefer more control to the sluggish no control

I “think” it’s back to the old way of darting, but I’m not sure. The 1.7 darting messed up my mind and I have a hard time adjusting back now. I got one Outstanding so far, so I’ll get there.

Praise the lord. I use my thumb when I dart and the old drone was so slow I had to actually use both hands. The drone is fixed now. Got 450 on a dilo gen 2 last night

The first two 1.7 drones had my thumb running the edge my phone trying to reach the target, and I still wanted it to move faster. This one may not be exactly the same as 1.6, but it can be controlled in the same manner. That’s why I like it.

Never said the new drone is good-for-nothing. Indeed I landed more direct hits on things that insanely wiggle like grypo and spino. It is the inability to recover to equal speed once dinos start accelerating that makes darting awfully difficult.
Darting something that move in plain speed, but with a wiggling and jiggling target, the new drone is preferable. However right now there’s probably everything having tendency to speed up after receiving certain hits, perhaps with the exception of gryposuchus and flyers.
I want to imagine how cool is that if we get to select a suitable drone system in between these two, only by ourselves?

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