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Thank you for the alliance rewards

Thanks Ludia.

Just got the full alliance rewards from last week in my inbox. Plus 100 cash.

Good job Ludia :grin:


yes thank you for solving the problem :slight_smile:

Thanks! Got Erlikospyx ready to lvl up to 22 soon. Just need to gather the coins for it.

Same as you. I have enough DNA now to level up Erlikospyx plus Orion to level 22. But need coins.

I’ve been milking the arena all evening. Was pretty fun.

Thanking Ludia is a crime here on these forums.

The worst of ALL crimes and punishable by Puppet lol

But yeah I logged into my account and it sent 2 epic incubators (Exploration and Defence) + 100 DinoBux so im assuming it worked.

Hopefully every gets theirs!

I would congratulate Lydia for doing the right thing, but Stiff & Phoenix would kill me in my sleep.