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THANK YOU for the boosts, Ludia!

No sarcasm intended. Really. I never post on this forum, but finally had enough of reading pure negativity. Many of us believe the boosts have made a good game even better! Yes, there are bugs that need to be fixed - but Ludia seems to be aware of and working on all of them.

I see that this forum is full of very vocal players screaming the opposite, demanding that boosts be removed, etc. - just like they were demanding that DC be removed last version, and that RNG be removed the version before that, etc. Yes, they are vocal - but I seriously doubt they are the majority (just that many players do not spend time posting on the forum).

And before everyone falls all over each other telling me how wrong and misguided I am, here are the reasons I think boosts are good:

  • It finally allowed new(er) players to progress further, into arenas and territories that were previously accessible only to people who have been playing the game for a year. Whereas before boosts, there was definitely a ceiling that newer players could not break through since everything above was populated by people with all level-30 (or close to it) teams. There was no way to catch up to that - now, there is at least a different way to level with that

  • The boosts remove the ‘same-old-same-old’ of battling and make each battle potentially unpredictable. Battling the same teams of dinos with the same attributes and same moves over and over again was getting really monotonous - now, even if the teams stayed about the same, there is an element of variety and unpredictability that makes things more exciting

  • Yes, the boosts change the meta and many are not happy about change, but adapting to these meta changes is part of this game (and of any game like this)

  • Strategic use of boosts to improve favorite dinos is just as interesting as coming up with game strategies. If we don’t blanket the team with the limited boosts we do have, but use them on dinos’ weak points, it helps an awful lot

  • For those who dislike boosts so much, Ludia has introduced boost-free tournaments. People in this forum have been forever asking for a different arena, where wins and losses produced the same trophy results, where everyone was at the same level, etc. Ludia listened (granted, with a certain bug last weekend) - go play there every week, mostly without boosts. And see if the status or fun you believe you’ve lost because of boosts can be regained there

  • I do understand that a number of people are very upset that some players got access to unlimited boosts last week, while others did not, and claim that as the reason to outlaw boosts altogether. Yes, it feels unfair (and looks like Ludia did not intend for this to happen) - but it is also unfair that some people live and work in L4, while others live in L2 and work in L3; also unfair RNG can work completely against you for days on end; that some people have 10 hours a day to go hunting, while others have less than 1 hour of free time; that some people have disposable income to spend in the game and others do not; that some of us had to work all of St Patrick’s Day weekend … Maybe these same unhappy people will be the rare recipients of the next great opportunity that comes along …

  • So, if you do not want to adapt or, maybe, do not wish to deal with potential loss of status or of additional time to regain it (as seems to be the case with some of the players complaining), then find another game, where metas don’t change periodically, where people cannot buy certain things to get ahead, where everyone gets exactly the same chances (good luck with that!) - but many of us like these changes and will continue / start playing now.

  • Last, but not least: this is a mobile game; you play it to have fun. Please don’t get so frustrated and emotional about it - is it really so horrible that people with lower-level teams (usually newer players) are in the top 500? Is it so horrible that we have to adapt to new conditions in a game every once in a while? Is it so horrible that you are no longer guaranteed a certain status / trophy count because you have been here longer? Game trophy counts, losing battles to seemingly weaker teams in a game, etc. really mean very little in the big scheme of things

Finally, for those who will undoubtedly ask about my points - I started playing in late October, spent virtually no money on the game, have been in Aviary since December and 5000+ for months now.

P.S.: sorry for the long post, but, as I said, just got tired of all the negativity …


Many aren’t that against boosts at all. While some are everyone agrees that the unlimited implementation was and is an issue.


And yes it’s horrible. While I am not one of these players it must be terrible to have made an all 28+ team to get out boosted and consistently lose to a team that took less effort. There is no good way to frame that, it’s not a good thing for that player or the game, period.


The game TOTALLY DISCRIMINATE players - Those who bought tons of boosts THE FEW DAYS THEIR WHERE SOLD AND those players who now needs to face the mistake L did.


About time for some positivity around here. I actually read the whole post! Yeah things got really shook up this update but it kinda needed shook.


Yes the game totally discriminated as it should.

I know what you are saying and I agree but using catch phrases like discrimination or fairness to get to it is killing me on this board. The game should discriminate and it shouldn’t all be fair. It’s a reward for work put in system.

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I also get periodically trounced by level 30 fully boosted Thors. But before 1.7, there were battles that were just as frustrating because I was matched up against players with 4-5 levels higher teams and there was no way to counter that. Now, there is. So, despite the occasional frustration or some players having gained an advantage others did not, I don’t think the game is ruined - I think (with some bug fixing), it became more exciting.

So instead of making a better balance in the arena.

You agree to:

  • Spend more money and time on same dinos?

Instead of making a better game, players want short term fix to feel better?

They give us a problem, then they want us to spend more to avoid the problem.
Smart company!


If the boost will still be around, you will probably need to.
Otherwise your rank will be even lower!

Actually, what I was saying is that boosts can help balance the arena by giving players more choice and chances to use lower-level / unorthodox dinos without paying a heavy trophy price (for those who think trophies matter)

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I’m not arguing that but we currently have an implementation issue where they were too available through a regrettable unintended function. If you admit that is a problem we can discuss how boosts would act if properly implemented.


boosts im happy for but lydia messed up and by mistake allowed unlimited boosts. that has to be fixed before your post is 100% right.


I believe even Ludia admitted it was an issue and they are working on it. I hope they return the boosts back to the store so others (who are willing/able to buy them) have a chance to catch up, too. But that issue (and we really do not know what percentage of players took advantage of the ‘opportunity’) does not negate the benefits of boosts for the game and, in my view, does not ‘completely ruin the game’, as keeps being repeated on this forum.


I like the boosts in a way that it can help a lot of people to defeat those epic towers with ease :slight_smile:
For the arena well it is a different story for sure.

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You think this will continue?

Ludia gives away free containers every week. Worth alot of money.

Everyone wins because they smarter then the system?

No chance.


well I am sure that in a few weeks we will see boosted epic strike towers :smiley: so it will be a battle of the boosts :stuck_out_tongue:

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In theory this is great!

Maby it’s happening around level 10-15 that players boosting random dinos.

In arena 5000+ everyone boost same stuff, even if they can boost 140+ other dinos.


Because the effort pepole put in the dinos and already invest in, is MORE valuble then the chance of making a bad dino.

Would you spend 3-400.000 coins to level up something random from level 20-25 because of trying it out? And, if still available, a few packages of boosts to compete with speedy dinos @ 180+ ?


So what have players earned then?

EVERYHING is the same.

Except players spend tons of more cash on the game…?


Using boosts on lower-level / unorthodox dinos sounds great, but it is a very near sighted point of view.
You will eventually run into people that spent boosts on meta relevant and higher level dinos.
You got to think to yourself “How will this play out 6 months from now?”

you are grumpy :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: the whole boost system is a cash grab to begin with but if players want to keep up in the arena they will buy it.
It is just a way to make dino levels to lvl40 without actually making them lvl40.