Thank you for the green supply drops, Ludia!


Now I see a lot of them in my area and special events! I hope they keep it that way and don’t vanish haha!

Loving the update so far, still getting familiar with the new Dino attacks and nerfs.


Yes, very much! Especially since the supply drop in front of my (rural) house, which appeared with the previous update, has turned into an event/green supply drop! Of course, it has been heavily used (I can’t access it from my living room as my front yard is huge, but I still spin it often) and that may be the reason it was changed. But I also suspect it may have appeared with update 1.3 and has now been changed to a green supply drop because I have VIP :heart_eyes: There’s also a new green sd at my workplace and just a lot more if them everywhere… it won’t be hard to find enough weekly event dinos anymore.

Coincidence or not, thank you so much, Ludia!

P.S. Suggestion for a future update: Let us buy more dart storage space!


The game is finally fixed in its most crucial aspect imo now you can actually walk and play before it was like 2 kilometers per dino! Fingers crossed we don’t have less stops by tomorrow


at least this is something done right to compete with PoGo.


I’m loving this! I walked even farther in my town and been where I never been. Before I played this game, I barely saw anything in my town. It’s such a beautiful town, didn’t realize this. Went by one of the two local colleges, didn’t realize it was so spread out and had houses between its buildings. Kind of weird to me, lol.

I got a bunch of dino DNA, and there were a few grey strike events and a blue one. I didn’t have enough battery power to do the blue one though. Oh well.

I’m hoping they keep this many dinos out and about from now on.


Aye. It has made going out hunting much better now and gives us a better shot at the dino of the day.


Great update with a lot of green supply drop. Thanks Ludia.


Yup I see lots of green supply drops now, very good! :+1:


I really appreciated this change. Thank you!


Yes, I appreciate it very much too. I walked around my work’s campus (I work at a University) and went further than before chasing those Green Supply Drops.

One happens to be outside of my office and one outside of my house at home… but just out of reach for spinning. I can snag the dinos easy enough, but have to go out to spin it if I need the darts and coins… or hope that my GPS jumps around for a second and puts me right next to it for a second or two… lol.


it seems they have reverted some of the green supply drops. Did anyone face the same thing as well?


Lot of people are reporting this. I can tell for what i see:

I do see that some green supply drops near my house are now orange supply drops, but I experienced as well that some supply drops that were orange yesterday, today are green.
I think we should see this in some few days, so Let’s see after sunday, when the pterosauro’s event is over, if something will change again,


Ummm. I see no green supply drops and no special park dinos? Why is this? Dispite Ludias constant pop up to advise not driving, where can one park theyre car to collect the lack of park dinos now? Well, good thing I don’t have a dash cam for my insurance cause it looks like driving and darting is now the most efficient way to collect. Thanks Ludia!


From 4 o’clock in the afternoon yesterday there was not a single “green zone” in the whole city of Barcelona. Yesterday afternoon I walked for 8 kilometers, toured 4 parks, toured the main streets of the city and did not see a single “green zone”. A normal day would have found, at least 10. This morning either … a day of rare “pterosaurs” lost. I hope Ludia fixes the problem soon.