Thank you for treasure chest event!


Thanks to Ludia for a such generous event! It was useful, especially for new players or for people who started all over again!

I appreciate it and hope to see some new brand new events in the game.

Let’s show to Ludia that we’re thankful for this opportunity to gather so much gold :slight_smile:


Yes this was a fun and helpfull event. Thx


Its was Great! Alittle more focus on small towns would have made it even better :muscle:


Thanks Ludia for the great coin event. And please… please make this Treasure Chest Event become monthly event :heart_eyes:


I was going to write the same thing!! it was a great event! thanks


Much appreciated! I was able to do a bunch of leveling and fusing that I’d been holding off on, and my daughter loved opening the chests. I missed a couple days laid up in bed so I’m bummed about that. Can’t wait for this chest event to pop up again in the future!

It was nice to take a break from spinning supply drops for a little bit unless I needed darts. (wasn’t too bothered by the lack of spinning for dollars)


Thanks Ludia for the treasure chest event! Can’t wait for another event like this! :star_struck:


I really enjoyed the chance to gain significant coinage.

I went out of my way looking for them, went down roads near me that I’d never walked before, found three short cuts I’d never noticed, and gained coinage! :smiley:

Thank You, I hope these make an appearance again soon.