Thank You Good Sportsmanship

Want to thank and congratulate everyone who got to their score by playing every single matchup with skill and sportsmanship.


Again - same message.

Ludia please fix this gamesmanship. I’m sick of people avoiding me. Especially sick of people who got to more trophies by the same logic.

Agreed. I’m missing 75% of matches because players are avoiding the matches. It’s annoying.
I honestly have not avoided a single match. Even the ones I cannot win without extreme luck. I have also not spammed a boring emoji.
Play nice please.


I’m so frustrated and at the point where I’m considering doing the same thing to make sure the ones doing it to me don’t get rewards they don’t deserve.

Apologies in advance to IDGT (who is first fair and square) if I quit on you.

This is bad. Is this reported to Ludia? Or would they just ignore it.

Cannot agree more with this. I notice the trend a lot as well. Pretty much always the same people whose battles dont go theough cannot just be an coincidence

What is this about? Can people skip matches?

Yes people can skip matches against people on purpose. I wont explain it as I am pretty sure the otger topics regarding this topic got deleted because people explained how to do it

So the players abuse another feature that ludia thought looked cool. Nice

Doubt its intentional by ludia. It’s clearly just a bug.