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Thank you Ludia again

For breaking totally maxima after months of effort building her. She needed a nerf but not that much.

But dio with her 30% strike (actually more around 70% for me) is no prob. Erlido is still broken due to the fact every dino can cancel dodge. I think I’m ready to quit.
Lost 300 trophy because of this “random creatures update”

Tired, really.


In response I can only say… Meh. The arena is perhaps as balanced as it’s even been, I still see max every game and it’s hardly useless and frankly if making a few players angry helps the game get noticeably better then… you got break a few eggs right?

Max is a year old, released around last year, if I remember correctly, and a lot of players have been building it since then, so I don’t know why they had to DESTROY it, but, Ludia does whatever Ludia does. Even then, Max isn’t bad or anything. Just not able to 1v1 entire teams on its own, more of a mid-low high tier unique now.

I’m more frustrated that this nerf was so bad that I’m now locked out of Mortem Rex raids completely until I gather at least 5-6 more attack boosts.

I don’t care about arena. I care about unlocking dinos. And these boring raids (sorry, my opinion) are the only way to get 2 of them.