Thank you Ludia for fixing Phorex lockdown mechanism :-)

UPDATE - I was just informed this was fixed - which balances out Phoru! YAY! so ignore the original post


This was a bug in 2.10 that got patched out in 2.11. Phorurex no longer applies lockdown to opponents, at least on its swap in attack - its applying swap prevention, like it should.

As far as I can tell, Phorurex is FINE.


ok good!

I was under the impression that it still locked down on swap in on immunes

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Thank you for the update!

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Yeah I feel like my post gave you that impression because I wasn’t as clear as I should have been, so I apologize for that. I was just happy that they actually patched it :sweat_smile:

Yeah here’s 2.10

And 2.11

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lol thanks - yeah I was confused. I thought you were saying Phoru “applied” lockdown on swap in to immunes because that was different from trying to escape.

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so glad they fixed it - the fact that a Phoru could take down everything and prevent them from swapping was ridiculous xD

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Yeah my point was more that the fix wasn’t included in the patch notes - and as something that affects such an important dino so much, I figured it should have been.

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uh, yeah - because a lot of us were confused xD

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BTW - some people are still having issues with dailies being bugged from last update, and this update did not fix the issue. You may want to add that to the bug list :open_mouth:

I think I told someone else this, but I was trying to keep it to only newly discovered bugs for my post. If I included every bug that wasn’t fixed, the list would go on forever :sweat_smile:

really, go on forever? No… :smirk:

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Does stunning obstruction still apply lockdown on immune creatures or was this never a thing?

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I’m actually not sure. I need to check that out.

I would assume if a lockdown immune creature was not stun immune it would get stunned but not locked down?

its swap prevent if they are imune they run away but they do take a smack to the head :stuck_out_tongue: if they resistant there is a chance of stopping them same goes for stun so a mortie has a reasonable chance of escaping but still gets a thwak and a rhino will get away but again smack to the head

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Sorry guys.
I’m lost…
I just swapped out my decelerated Quetzorion to my Phorusaura to avoid being hit by Skoonasaurus.
However my opponent swapped to Phorex and finished Quetzorion with swappout damage before I started swapping.
Is this correct?? Or some bug??

That’s how It would normally work right, but I was wondering If this move also had a bug where It was locking down swap immune creatures like the swap in, or If I was just getting It mixed up in my head and only the swap had the bug

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That’s technically correct. Since you were decelerated, your opponent’s swap happens first. So, your opponents Phor swaps in before your Quetz leaves. Their On Escape then triggers when your Quetz swaps out.

After the swap out, the faster of the two Phor’s would do their swap in action first, then the slower of the two. (Speed ties go to whoever chose to swap first)