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Thank you Ludia for Irritator week!

Hi, been playing since around Oct/Nov 2018 and was nowhere near creating magnapyriator. I look at everyone with their high level mags and I’d imagine it means irritator wasn’t always arena locked or somethin’ cuz I have no idea how they got it…but with irritator week I managed to score somewhere around 7800 irritator DNA. I still can’t create magna though cuz now I’m out of Pyriator, lol…but that’s still easier to get than Irritator so now I feel I have a goal to work towards.


I finally managed to create Magna, but he’s going to be frustratingly sidelined until the next event as irritator is so scarce.
He’ll do for weekly event towers for now.

Agreed, thank you!!


They had another Irritator event before this one. Was awhile ago :wink:

Due to unlucky fuses, except the 70 as my last fuse


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I’m excited for this week! I’ve been looking all over for Dilophosaurus, and now I can finally start leveling up my Diloracheirus. :grin:

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Just managed to get Dilourano to level 20. Can’t wait to start Diloracherius fuses

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I would give you some of my 8233 dilo if I could

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Jealous!! She never appears for me. :unamused:

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Ty for irri week !! Lol They had to really what else could they do, they needed to Appease the masses, obviously some sort of olive branch, would love to know when there going address last weeks boosts free for all sale ?

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Well at least you managed to create it…I’m still trying. lol

Ah fudge! Explains my lack of irritator DNA then, it was either before November last year OR I just didn’t know the value of irritator DNA at the time.

I am just as excited…my focus this week is Velo, Dilo and Rex.

I still need to get mine to 20.

I’d love some too if that were possible. lol


Well historically we’ve moaned about lack of irritator and Sino DNA…glad to see they’re kinda addressing it.


As per JP lore, all dinosaurs that Ingen created are female in order to prevent breeding. Life finds a way, of course…


Whoa that’s deep! Lol

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I call photoshop!

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You gotta admit though, @john, @mmellem, some of them look like he!

All dinosaurs are my bros, or my wife might get jealous. (she thinks every female on the planet is after me :smirk:)


I’d readily admit to that. lol

Insecure much? lol

Haha :laughing: Nope, it’s legit. The crazy part was getting the feeling it was about to happen, even said 100 out loud right as I hit fuse. Was shook when I saw it actually happen.

5mins later… I see news of the most recent unlimited boost sales fiasco. On the positive side, It was a great 5 mins while it lasted!! :+1:

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Except Indoraptor, well technically its not JP its JW but anyways its a male