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Thank you Ludia for Lythronax!


Finally! I hope it is good!


You can see it in one of the packs:


When did you see this? When I look into that Legendary Hunt pack, it just shows regular legendary creatures, and no tournaments.


Took the screen shot right before posting so 11 hours or so ago, just checked that pack and it’s still there.


Well okay then :joy:

Still not there for me:


Curious. It was there for me earlier this morning, but now it is not.


Still there for me (at least for another few hours), wonder if it is a VIP difference in the pack?


Not for me although I’m VIP too. There are only some standard legendaries for me in this pack.


That is very odd.


This is the 1st tournament tht i wont played at all… the rules are waste of time


The Lythronax is bad stats wise.


Who cares? It’s a Lythronax.

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I’m VIP too, yet it never showed up…
Oh well it doesn’t matter, pack’s gone now :slight_smile:


Very strange, I wonder if they have different offers based on the server you are associated with?