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Thank you Ludia for making me miss the epic strike tower

I’ve taken my car twice just to search the epic strike tower but nothing!! It’s nowhere to be found! How come when you make an error introducing a strike tower that shouldn’t be there you are quick to remove it but when you mak an error against players you take all the time of this world to correct it! Really I no more words

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Yeah strike tower distributions are bugged after the update
I opened the game and there is only 1 small yeloow and 2 gray strike tower in my area while all the small blue strikes are very far away

I travelled six miles round trip and didn’t see a single epic strike so you’re not alone @kiros


Distribution has been awful for a few weeks now. I have 13 drops in range and used to have most, if not all, of the towers in range each day, with one maybe a couple blocks away. Now I’ll have multiple copies of 1-2 different strikes in range, may be be able to see a third in the distance, and the fourth won’t even be visible among the 70 drops I can see from home.

Stat strikes have not been in my radius for weeks, nor have epic towers. On multiple days I’ve had to walk 20-45 minutes to even see a specific strike. It’s a problem.

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Same for me…2 week of no boost and epic towers. Too many similar posts on the forum now…

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