Thank you Ludia for ruining your game and losing players


I really liked this game when it came out. I had me active, going out hunting dinos on the daily, upgrading and then battling new dinos. It was fun, although it was glitchy and slow, I enjoyed it.

You geniuses at Ludia did what no other game company would dare to do. Instead of fixing the bugs and making the game faster and smoother you add more content, increasing loading time. You even went as fat as making player religion after putting their phones asleep for 45 seconds to walk to that desired dinosaur, only to have a 5 minutes login again to the game you just had open to find that dinosaur has vanished. Really cutting edge tactics you guys use for improving gameplay, really.

Then to add the final splash of destruction to your project, you go and reset everyone’s rank to 3500 because you’re too lazy to design a tournament in an already overloaded and slow glitchy game.

Good job Ludia, you ruined your own game! I’ve removed the app because of all your poor choices, I’m sure I’m not the only one


What do you mean by this?


Sorry my auto correct.

The 5 minute login you have to do everytime you open the game. You ruined it right there


i can accept you complain about the game load slow problem, but the rank reset was no problem. Many games with ranking format mostly would reset the rank every few months or season, because don’t let the players rank point go too over and also want let all players go up again and see who was faster to the top. If not the top player always stay on top ( example : if some 1 just reach 5000(last patch point cap) then he would forever no.1? Or if some 1 play much more battle and his point go to 10000( if no cap like this patch) , then who can chase it down?). That why many games now would reset the rank after some time .


Don’t worry, I understood exactly what you meant. Some people can identify typos/auto-correct when reading, others just read exactly what they see.


I agree. It’s like their first game and they don’t know how to design it. So many stupid errors and so greedy.


Have you tried using a phone from the 21st century and a stable connection? I have no such problems on my nowhere near top-tier iPhone SE unless I’m in the middle of nowhere and don’t have even 3G internet.


On android its not phone quality related, its when you do other stuff e.g. suspend the game to take a call, answer a text etc., then typically JWA has reconnect fault and fails until you log back in and out (caveat - my login googleplay not Facebook it may relate to code around logon method or may be suspend related)


Wow, it must be difficult to be so fabulous all the time


Fellow iPhone SE user. My only gripe is my battery life, lol. I NEED to always have it plugged into cig lighter or have external battery.

But overall performance is fine in its own right.