Thank you Ludia from all the players in Europe

What is even the point of participating in tournaments when one part of the world is at a disadvantage thanks to the wonderful continental creatures and their hybrids…

It is supposed to be a skill tournament this weekend however it’s closer to an advantage tournament as not all creatures are available to players in Europe…

How do you create a creature you cannot encounter in the wild…



I’m glad someone has pointed this out.

The European epic doesn’t make anything yet continental does.


Even though I didn’t expect them to just not bother with the European exclusive, I just knew they’d do hybrids for the continental exclusives - so I stockpiled Rinchenia from the sanctuaries (as well as ask for help from my awesome alliance).

What’s even more infuriating is that Rinchenia’s hybrid is fantastic, a borderline necessity in this tournament. But we’re at a severe disadvantage by not having any, so we can’t even organize trades with alliance members!


That’s exactly my point if you are not part of a large co-op for sanctuaries or if you don’t have any player from Asia in your alliance, you have absolutely no chance to create these creatures and their hybrids. Players from the Americas are less difficult to find.

I know this isn’t a perfect answer, but try and recruit some international players into your Alliance. They can then put them in sanctuaries for you. At some point, I’m sure, the geo-locked creatures will move round.


It’s a good idea but really difficult in practice to recruit players from Asia. The chat in JWA does not really help when there are language barriers. Impossible to copy paste translations when you manage to understand from which country the player is. You can install arabic or hebrew alphabet on your phone but when you need to use ideograms I get lost to be honest. There is so much effort you can put in.

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Agreed but the players in question don’t have to be from Asia. As I remember, Australia falls Oceania.

We were lucky in my Alliance as we have players from around the globe and were able to get the geo-locked creatures quite easily. I appreciate that it is difficult to recruit specifically. Might be worth asking in the Alliances sub section if there are any Oceanic players willing to help out?

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I basically consider continental exclusives that don’t spawn where you live to be basically normal exclusives like Diplodocus or Titanoboa. The difference is that Ludia occasionally makes normal exclusives available to everyone. All I would ask is for them to do the same for continental exclusives, just to help us get our foot in the door with making these dinos and their hybrids.

The other thing they might consider is making them available in battle incubators as well as their regional zones. Might encourage us to battle more if that was the only way I could get Rinchenia or Struthiomimus.


It is bizarre that the continental exclusives have not been featured in any event week at all.

Trading does not work in practice. You are more likely to get Sonorasaurus requests maxed out than a continental that your alliance members literally do not have.


And you can’t even request DNA until you unlock the creature yourself, which requires FIPing them a bunch of times in sanctuaries.

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ok you guy mean Struthiominus need buff right? how.

No it just needs a hybrid (preferably a good one) to put Europe on par with the other regions.


ok my Daspletruthus will make them chill hehe

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