THANK YOU Ludia! Happy Anniversary!

Today is my “cake” day which means this is as close to my anniversary as it gets … and this has been a day of the most enjoyable battles since 1.7 dropped … I have laughed when alliance members kicked my butt and cried (metaphorically) when my stun has failed … to friends past (@Jonus, @Hersh, @Anthony_Papadopoulos and too many to mention), present and future … I salute you all … and my dinodex is better than yours :crazy_face:


Happy cake day @PQC! I’ve really enjoyed your presence on the forums and in Sand Dunes. Thanks for all the laughs, and here’s to many more!


My anniversary is August 16th (although I got anoned twice)

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And that’s my 19th “nice topic” … why anyone listens to my drivel I will never understand but “I thank you all” :slight_smile: