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Thank you Ludia (not sarcasm)

I just want to say thank you go to the mods and developers alike. You guys all try your hardest. And while i know you all are stressed out and at witts end with some people on this page, know your efforts are noticed and appreciated by some.

Just a quick thank you and appreciation for the hard work. Some will never understand. Keep it up boys and girls


Thank you kindly, Justin :sunny:


I, for one, am absolutely flabbergasted by the new looks, creatures and features in the game. Impressed :smiley:


Im one of the VERY FEW android users being patient, and not completely setting the forum on fire. No point in it. Not going to change anything.


You don’t miss anything the Update is trash


I have no problem with waiting either, but for android players time is lost. Ios players are working on there global and local requests. Its a bit unfair. But hey… it is what it is and definitly yes thank you ludia for the hard work and listening. It is apriciating :blush::+1:

Yeah, the people saying that they’re going to cancel their VIP membership just because of this is amazing, why would you do that for just a few hours of downtime? Go do something else for awhile. It’s not hard to live without this game for a few hours.


If they could have pushed it out flawlessly, they would have.
Bad things happen.
Disappointed, but…

LUDIA seems strange or unfair…why doesn’t merge this post into the update post?
You(Ludia) like this title?
Do you want to keep exposing this title?
Too unfair…

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I love how simply saying “Thank you Ludia” somehow requires a “(not sarcasm)” addendum


It really does though lol


I’ll say thanks to the mods, not to the devs, as this is ridiculous. It’s a good thing they don’t work for a company that requires 100 % uptime for their customers like ebay or amazon or they would have all been fired many updates ago. Is there no test environment at ludia? Things as simple as darting are messed up. Darts are flying from all over the screen. There has been months between updates. How can every update be such an issue.

Sure there may be some great new features in this update. But what good are they if the game is unplayable. We have all our accounts on android except one and that one is unplayable. Constant crashing on the drone screen and sometimes just clicking a dino. When I go to force close the game then I can still see a maintenance screen and the old version everytime this happens even though I have forced closed and restarted phone several time.

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This update is gonna be really good. Really thankful about that new loading screen too. I remember when I had to look at pterosaurs flying above a brachi. Every time I saw it I thought “meh this could be better.”