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Thank you Ludia (not sarcastic)

Loving the new update … some great achievements (although 15 x L30 or higher … or higher!?!) … some great looking player badges and some amusing DPG titles (Beach Bum for reaching Shores :grinning:) … and a beautiful loading screen … maybe I’m easily pleased but I’ll take this 4 weeks after the last update


Still waiting on iOS :sunglasses:

I was on 120 bucks and five minutes later I was on 1200+. Very thank you. :slight_smile:


Honestly yeah the new achievements are pretty great, gives me much more to work towards than new creatures would have.

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i still dont have the update on the main account :frowning: yeah, THANKS LUDIA.

Fun for a bit. But dang, mystery achievements got me like :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :exploding_head: :dizzy_face:


Yes, maybe you are =)

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It was fine the first 10 minutes, glad for the bucks but nothing more


The new badges look cool, and having more achievments is neat, but I’m kinda conflicted on wether or not more of them should have been auto completed, when I know I 've done waay more in my (almost) 3 years of playing this game. Seeing achievments like collect 5000 legendary DNA being uncompleted is kinda annoying.

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some only show up if you complete other achievements. i had 40 done. then i did a really easy achievement and about 20 more unlocked after that.

Yeah same they should have definitely done something like that but hey know you have something to work on I guess lol

I know that some unlock after you complete the previous ones, but the legendary DNA one, and I’m guessing most of the harder ones are labled as ‘mystery’ and need to be completed again.

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This is a thread thanking Ludia lol

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“the new achievements are pretty great, gives me much more to work towards then new creatures would have” “the new badges look cool and having more achievements is neat” "I was on 120 bucks and 5 minutes later I was on 1200+. Very thank you.

Loving this update aswell. New achievements to aim for on all my accounts. Like the fact they are not all auto completed…its got me darting anything that moves again :rofl:
Thank you Ludia


I feel attacked, I know I’m gonna have that soon lol

While you’re right, we are hardly ever pleased but we’ve been here for 3 years…

But I agree this update is lacking.