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Thank you ludia thank you

I just saw the 2.8 notes and I’m very happy it’s superb 2 new apex so raid every day week buffed creatures pap or nerfs 12 new creatures! Frankly thank you ludia I hope the others will agree with me​:grin::smiley:


The notes come out on Friday but yes I’m excited too

I’m excited :slight_smile: I’m especially looking forward to Haast Maximus

What notes? I did not see any update notes!

Look on GamePress, you will see a teaser.

Booooo to more Apex! Five Apex is plenty. People are already hitting a fatigue with them. 7 Apex, ridculous


I saw it and it is awesome!!! Although shame about more Apex. The 5 that are already in the game are quite a handful and know they’re 7 ???

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