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Thank you, Ludia! Truly


Thank you, Ludia

Thank you for finally hearing us, and increasing the spawns to what they once were.

The last few days played have birthed the joy I once knew with this game, finding many and varied creatures while collecting DNA.

It was wonderful to again realize how I had collected all this DNA which created my creatures. I had begun wondering just how had i managed to do this in such short time considering the dearth of various creatures in all zones.

Thank you for having more than two or three specific creatures in each local zone.

It’s not perfect, but it’s far better than what we’ve been dealing with.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll reactivate my VIP status if you add better value to it, as you have to the spawns!



For me, the spawns stay the same. I barely see anything good. Your case does NOT mean Ludia heard us, just saying …

I am not sure about others tho …


Same here. Nothing changed.


I’ve been combing the desert and well… They said it right in Spaceballs.


Exactly … I don’t understand why people just randomly thank Ludia … I mean if Ludia indeed increased the spawns, I am positive the majority of our community would have noticed … It was most likely you were lucky … congrats tho.


Yep, dead here too.


Hmm, today my spawns have been pretty dead, however a few days ago I did run into a plethora of epics so I don’t know what to think right now.


Spawns for me have been amazing today. Does seem more like the early days of the game again. Long may it continue.


Yeah my spawns have not really changed at all.


I’m sorry it’s not universal, but I have indeed noticed a huge difference in variety of spawns in the last two days.

This, in several locals.

That said, I did travel about 50 miles away and found a true desert of creatures and supply drops.


I too have seen a noticeable increase, especially when it comes to epics. I’m operating under the tinfoil hat theory that the epics like to hibernate during season play :wink:


The last 3 days are great for me too, espacially to day with 2 pyro, 1 t rex, 2 ourano and 1 baryonyx. Hope they won’t go extinct again.:smile:


and thankyou for my tourney winnings!! i wont make another thread for that. maybe ill mention it in the cry baby thread😁


Dead here as well. Already traveled 32 miles today. So I guess they limit the increase to one player a day and rotate that around the playerbase. Maybe if I am lucky I will get in a few months…


Maybe it’s just the whiners that they upped the spawns for.

I’ve been chastised for complaining.

Figured I should give props when I notice a positive change.


After a day of hunting, I’ve ran into three epics

Apart from these three, a bunch of useful rares did pop up, I guess Spawns are getting better.


Even when the time people said there was no T-Rex in the wild, I managed to find at least two on average everyday …

Last week, I found 4 Erliko in the wild in one day, but this week, I did not find a single.

So, guys, please, your huntings don’t really mean much. It’s just everyone’s lucky. Spawns didn’t change. Some people still saw nothing, but some people caught good stuff.


I agree with this, spawns are like everything else in this game are rng based. And like all other rng in this game it tends to be streaky.


Only found a Gryposuchus today despite driving around for 1.5 hrs and outdoors for almost half the day.


Ive found 4 ouranos in just 2 days and some other useful epics…before that for a month ive managed to dart just 2ouranos