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Thank you Ludia, you're awesome

Its great to know, when there is an issue with VIP or any other issue, Ludia helped out very quickly…they replaced the dna that I missed out on due to the issues and helped with a monetary amt as well… Thanks so much Ludia!! thank you for fixing the VIP issue so quickly…its very much appreciated and im very satisified…Ron, you were a great help… :slight_smile:


I dont think so.
Opinion .

Have good dreams with Pteranodons.

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What about the other 375 issues that the game has had for months?


True…there are alot of other issues that still need solving…was just really happy when they fixed something I was paying for and lost out on getting due to a broken vip status… they put out a fix for that quickly and reimbursed me for it…

I’ve also been paying for a while before boost era and I think they should had reworked and repaired so many things that I refused to invest money on them again.

Just because they solve 1 alone isolated issue doesn’t mean you have to congrat them for that.

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