Thank You Ludia!


Thanks for upping the epic strike events to around 2 per week. To be honest I was starting to get bored of the grind and now am making nice progress.


Today was 3 strike events! 1 epic and 2 other


I’m very much enjoying how they are staggering multiple strike events throughout the week. Makes it a bit more exciting to go out and do hunting to find a nice place to park for a few minutes to get some extra DNA :slight_smile: Now just waiting for the update to drop to start capturing the pterasaurs! Hoping they do some strike events after it drops both to get some new DNA from those guys as well as give a chance to see a lil more abou thow they move.


Yeah, I hope they don’t reduce the frequency in the future. For the moment the game is great


All thE updates and new strike events and tons of epic DNa have been great! Thanks and please keep them coming


That’s really great! Good job from ludia!


I agree. Thanks, Ludia!