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Thank you, Ludia

It’s all too easy to complain about a game, so I propose this thread to thank Ludia for what they do well.

Thanks for the twelve days of Christmas. 5000 loyalty points was especially kind.

The creatures look really good (until they get to level 31 and above; not a fan of the monster-horror dinosaurs for the most part). The environments look great, especially the conflict arenas. The “ruins” from Jurassic Park look neat.

All in all, the game is not too stingy with currency. The trade port is a nice feature, and, if I’m willing to it the time in, I can get almost any currency I need. Always plenty to do between PvP and missions and (when they aren’t insanely difficult) PvE daily events. The weekend tourneys and bosses are also fun.


The twelve days of Christmas were terrific. Thank you! And thanks for the Stygimoloch. I’ll be sure not to take her to any midnight auctions.


I love this Dino he was awseome and cute suprised he’s legendary Spino needs to be legendary as well

I don’t know if the additional evolution/fusion pod is permanent or not, but I’m grateful for it!


I resurrect this thread to thank Lydia for the Jurassic Park anniversary celebration. The S-DNA in the newsfeed, the PvE events, the small decorations in the menus: they are neat touches and fun. Exactly what a game should be. Thank you.


Totally agree, I love the extra graphic elements in particular, while they are solely cosmetic and don’t otherwise benefit the gameplay, I really appreciate the amount of work put into giving us these little game easter eggs.


Thank you for this. Negativity spreads so fast around the internet and it’s always nice to remind ourselves why we’re all here in the first place. The game’s not perfect, and some aspects of it may be frustrating, but everytime i get a brand new critter (i adore my new Baryonyx) or level up one for the first time, it reminds me of why i love the game. And i do love the game.


It is a very good idea to have a post with good vibrations.


In spite of my earlier belly-aching, I readily state there are plenty of things worth praising about JW:TG.

It’s old news to most, but the introduction of Isla Sorna is welcome. The extra space to allow all our dinosaurs to be out is very cool. Appearances from movies 2 and 3 are very neat: the airstrip from JP3, the aviary from JP3, the run-down buildings from JW2 (Lost World); they’re all welcome. I was trying to find some crashed trailers near a cliff, or a water truck half-submerged in water, but no such luck. :slight_smile: Hm, maybe Ben Hildebrand’s skeleton tangled up in a tree? Okay, too much.

PvP continues to be fairly matched and fun. Now that we have two prize wheels back, that’s a nice touch. The occasional videos to speed up cook times are welcome.

About 80% of the time, the free DNA videos work for me, and they usually give me 50 DNA; I remember when it used to be 10. Very nice.

Thank you, Ludia, for these fun elements in the game (besides having great dinosaurs!).


Hadn’t had a chance to welcome you back, but so nice to see you again, I can totally understand wanting to step away for a time, there are definitely days where I get very frustrated with the negative changes (or worse… the lack of attention to bugs like the VIP custom trade one that has been affecting those of us that use iOS devices for I think about two MONTHS now!!) But as you said, there are still a lot of nice fun elements to the game, and for now, I’m willing to stick with it. This has been a rough year for me with a lot of hospitalizations (ended up in the hospital FOUR times just for a single large kidney stone… and 3 times for a surgery that should have been once and done…after already having been through 5 weeks in the hospital and several surgeries LAST year… fingers crossed that I am finally out for good!) and so having the distraction of playing the game every day has been a real help for me when things were rough. NOW, I have to balance the time it sometimes takes along with my work schedule to make sure I’m not spending TOO much time playing it!

FYI - look HARDER on Isla Sorna… there is a crashed trailer on it!


Ah, you’re right! I see the trailer. I thought it was some strange army med tent. Thanks!

Blessed be the Lord God Almighty for your convalescence! I found my first mobile game during down time in the hospital. I found this one later; it’s much better.

Another thank you: the double loyalty points have been nice. I’ve been grinding at PvP to get them; when the wheel does land on VIP points, it’s nice to get them doubled!


I like the shadow of the mosasaurus swimming in the aquatic area.


Thank you for giving me a gogasaur from its a wightout

Some overdue thanks to Ludia:

This has been around for a while, but thank you for making the cool-down buttons on creatures not instant. No more accidentally spending dinobucks! Now I see the option to watch a film or to spend dinobucks, and I’m grateful.

Another thank you: few of us have commented on the asset repository (dino prison) being available after level 2. We’re beyond the early levels of the game, but I remember that I used to have more dinosaurs and buildings than I had space for. Early in the game, space is a real problem. So having the asset repository available early would have been a real help. Thank you for making it available to players early in the game, too, Ludia.


All the Thanksgiving events this past long weekend were pretty nifty. Yes, it was a lot of events, but no one makes us play (aside from the completionist compulsion that many of us have). As someone who’s never paid a cent to this game, I have to tip my hat (imagine the Indiana Jones fedora instead of the Han Solo blaster for a moment) to Ludia. I was able to pile up a lot of DNA and other prizes over Thanksgiving. Several runs of the Dodo gyrosphere (it’s one of the few gyrospheres that’s fun and worthwhile), all the Death Dodo missions, the Yutyrannus tournament… I brought home quite a bit of DNA, super-DNA, and other prizes.

So for the Thanksgiving events, thank you.