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Thank you, Ludia


It’s all too easy to complain about a game, so I propose this thread to thank Ludia for what they do well.

Thanks for the twelve days of Christmas. 5000 loyalty points was especially kind.

The creatures look really good (until they get to level 31 and above; not a fan of the monster-horror dinosaurs for the most part). The environments look great, especially the conflict arenas. The “ruins” from Jurassic Park look neat.

All in all, the game is not too stingy with currency. The trade port is a nice feature, and, if I’m willing to it the time in, I can get almost any currency I need. Always plenty to do between PvP and missions and (when they aren’t insanely difficult) PvE daily events. The weekend tourneys and bosses are also fun.


The twelve days of Christmas were terrific. Thank you! And thanks for the Stygimoloch. I’ll be sure not to take her to any midnight auctions.


I love this Dino he was awseome and cute suprised he’s legendary Spino needs to be legendary as well


I don’t know if the additional evolution/fusion pod is permanent or not, but I’m grateful for it!