Thank you so much! But

First off: Ludia… thanks so much for adding Strike events into regular gameplay. I remember back when we didn’t have anything like this and the addition made the game much more fun and engaging. I look forward to them every week!

Same goes for the themed Dinos of the week! This helps players that just wouldn’t come across those Dinos otherwise. Again, something that makes Sunday a little more exciting to find out what the next week will hold.

But… these two concepts are at odds with each other when Strike events of this magnitude are implemented. There just aren’t enough Green supply stops to go around to make both events successful at the same time.

This is just my experience and I’m sure it doesn’t speak for everyone, but take a look:

I looked forward to each of these:

But I don’t think I’ll be able to max out these without travelling much more than usual to hunt down the greens stops.


The struggle is real I don’t max out on the big weeks unless I spend at least 3hrs a day on public transport ROFL! :joy:

Thats a good way to play JWA imo. I know Pocemon used to ride a bus all over town just to dart dinos.

I have a motorcycle, which is just awesome for any GPS games when its not raining or freezing, but toaly un-doable when it is.

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It seems to me the easiest solution would be what has been suggested by the player base multiple times, strikes need to disapear off maps once completed. This takes care of them competing with green stops and prevents dinosaurs from spawning inside them once completed.


it may be an area thing unfortunately. i live in a town and they are spread out but there are usually enough to fullfull the event. view from my house.

I don’t complain about that 'cause I remember when Green Stops could only be found in Parks… So it’s still better today than it was in the beginning.

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make this man an ambassador already.

not only does he play the game at a high level and extremely well, i bet he even knows theres a tournament happening right now.

please look past the mustache - he has so much to offer!

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Hahaha all my fam and friends want me to shave it off but it only grows stronger with their distaste for it :sweat_smile::sunglasses::man:t2:


I understand the feeling…

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Don’t get me wrong… I absolutely love having all the towers and boxes and event dinos!
That’s part of what makes this game so much fun… maybe I just need to get out more :joy:

But at least where I’m at, the distribution is a little off

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Each following week, the green drops around my neighborhood slowly decrease and decrease. Last week was at its worst…and I didn’t anticipate only getting 30/60 for Tarbos, and 16/18 for Irritators.

The first monday, I biked for nearly three hours and only found 8 green drop Tarbos. That is rediculous and makes me wonder why I try so hard. Release more green drops please… don’t know how frustrating it is to be outside in the 40 degree weather for hours. More green drops like when they were first introduced would be awesome :ok_hand:t2:

After the events are out, I am never able to focus my attempts on a single dino anymore except for the epics. For rares and commons, I have to split my attempts to 2 or even 3 dinos just to make sure I am able to finish them in time.

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