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Thank you so much Ludia!

Just want to give a heartfelt thank you to Ludia for all these glitches and bugs that have been prevalent in this game because they are so awesome. Also, I just love having to restart the game over 100 times like an insane lunatic over the course of several days. I just love seeing the load screen for a good 20 minutes to an hour while it keeps on getting stuck on 1/20 or even 10/20. I also love the detail of my dinosaurs through many times having to see a close up of my dinosaurs and unable to select and attack option. Another thing that I love is having the arena autokill my full health dinosaurs. Give yourself a pat on the back for all this. All this could have been avoided if all the bugs and glitches never existed, but no that would be too simple to fix. All you care about is stuffing your pockets from the money you all get from your ridiculous boost sales. You all ignore what is important and what could mutually benefit everyone. Now I am unable to contribute to my alliance and I am unable to finish my daily missions. So what is it going to be Ludia?


I wanna take that opportunity to thank for an amazing week full of golden strike towers, free Rexy and Indo and the X-Mas present! :heart::heart:


It makes me feel better that I’m not the only insane lunatic restarting the game hundreds of times over a few days. Lol


Every time I use the in game chat, sanctuaries and donations, I have to restart the game. If I beat a tower, I have to restart. Pretty much everything I do requires a restart after doing something and this is even with super fast fibre broadband.

I guess it’s crappy servers because every other game works absolutely fine.


I had the same issues 5 months ago so I’m gathering they still wont fix this non profitable bug.

I did find a work around though, basically you uninstal the game and then just dont reinstall it, and there you go, never have to deal with the bug again =D


Actually they sent me an email and said they were investigating it.