Thank you so much ludia

Thank you ludia for adding Antarctovenator this week, because of this I’ve unlocked it by taking out 101 dna


How nice, i still havent been able to start my game since yesterday.

Then you should report or try restarting device, it also happens to me sometimes…

ive restarted it, and ive tried reporting it, but i dont have a support key or anything so idk what to do.

Then maybe it’s a network problem

Internet is working fine on all my other devises, and its working on my phone too.

Are you signed in to Game Center or google play?

If you’re on apple you can view the support key in your settings of the phone by finding the app in settings. I’d uninstall and redos load the app and also reset network settings.


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Google play

im on an android

If u haven’t noted down your support key there probably isn’t much they can do

Still look in your settings and see if you can find the app for phone notifications. It should have the info there.

are you playing on an IOS

I play on my samsung galexy a10e

is your game linked to Facebook or game center

google play

do you remember your player name instead of your support key in ludia support put in your player name and ask them for a scent that only spawns 1 antarticovenator and then ends

I do know my username, but i doubt ludia would do that just for me.

I did send ludia a message asking for help. i dont have my support key tho so idk if they will listen.