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Thank you thank you Ludia for sorting the creatures stuck!


I had my first one since 1.6 today…

Running a scent, didn’t make it past a stroke tower on time… and a little dimetrodon (rare) popped out bang in the middle of it.

I made this face :tired_face:

But then remembered it was supposedly fixed…

Clicked on it… and the first thing that came up was not the tower, but the creature!!

I just want to say thank you so much for finally sorting this massive player bugbear.

You should have shouted it from the rooftops when 1.6 was released. It’s such an important bug fix and I’m so surprised it wasn’t in bold capitals in the release notes.

Anyway Merci Thank you Danke Ludia :pray:


well I have only experienced this with the new heart shaped thingy around the strike towers. Two dilo gen2 spawned under those and no matter what I tried could not reach it :S (before that the open a dino fusion - close- and click tactics worked but now the heart shape just loads fast as lightning and had no chance)

But happy that someone has better luck :smiley:


Had you completed the strike tower?

I think (although others may have more knowledge and correct me) that the priority is now:

  1. Strike tower comes up if not already completed
  2. Creature



Prior to 1.6 I think strike tower took priority no matter what.

I could never get the close and click work-around to work… the tower has always loaded far too quickly for me


I had :slight_smile: but could only tap on the tower. Have no clue that this is just an android problem or really unlucky but after like 4-5 minutes I just gave up :smiley:
At least it was just a “common” dino


Oh I’m really disappointed for you :confused:

I heard a rumour it was fixed and it worked for me today… I’m iPhone user though.

Anyone else want to chime in with their experiences since 1.6?

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press F to pay respect :smiley:


Lol you wouldn’t have been saying “oh well it’s only a common” prior to this event week though would you? :joy:

A dilo g2… I’d have cried if that happened with that creature prior to this week!!! :scream:


yeah you are right :smiley: if this happens next week I will riot

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Haha :smile: “I will riot” :joy:

How are you doing on building up supply of it? (Despite those ones in the stroke towers)?

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well luckily they are everywhere as far as I can tell. Not hunting outside for hours just casual (to work and back home kind of hunting) but collected almost 30k. Fingers crossed that tenonto spawns will be like this :smiley:

And what about you?

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Awesome :grinning:

I hunt avidly so have 60k now which should (prase be to the gods of good fuses) be enough to get it to L30…

Me thinks we might get stitched up with the Tento… only to have Tento incubators appear in the shops next week… but that’s just me being jaded… let’s remain hopeful!

Remember spending the last month sat in parks looking dodgy as anything running common bombs for those beasties! Even bought some common bombs :scream: whaaaat… and now to see 5 figures on her is just bonkers.

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Got a T-Rex in a strike tower today… they’re big enough to have been able to get anyway normally but still… happy to not have had to go in out in out to get it :smiley:

The monkey did de-spawn on me though when I wasn’t happy with the score and flicked off the screen to try again… but that’s my issue and the risk you take :scream::sweat_smile: