Thank you thank you thank you!

Soo glad my epic scent has paid off!!




That looks truly epic

Just as epic as my VIP payments are gunna be if this doesn’t get fixed …

Am I right @Jorge ? :joy:


Did get a couple epics after that first post: Koolasuchus then concavenator :grin:

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Were you trying for Sino and Ankylo? Zone 1 and 4?

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Great spawns all around @Hersh! Congrats!

So in the “Vegas” model of business … if your VIPs aren’t happy with your offerings, you’ve sunk your ship. Based on the vast majority of threads I’ve been seeing lately… i have a feeling that Rose is going to be making extra room on that floating door relatively soon. :ship:

-Humble (elite) MBA


I just used an epic capsule in zone 3 and for the first time ever I got 4 epics! All Spinosaurus Gen 2. :rofl:



As with RNG for stuns, dodges etc. there is RNG for epics and rares:

This means Ludia (@Jay1 @Jorge @Ned)
can say you are guaranteed an epic but (for example) 75% of epics are coded to provide koolasuchus, spinosaurus, concavenator.

Ludia has met their terms saying you’ve got an epic… but your odds of getting something “worthless” far outweighs getting something “favorable”

I.e. just as you have a more significant chance of stunning with greater stunning strike VS minimal stunning

Moderators, I’d love to hear your input:

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I told you, that you could get 4 @Idris!

Care to calculate the odds of getting the same “epic” four times ? :nerd_face:

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I’m going to try one out tonight and see what I get. Yesterday I got mono and sino…only 2. Lol

I hope you aren’t buying them friend …
“house always wins”

Well…I have a free rare scent I could use.

I won my first epic from the strike tower today. I was impressed at what I got considering what I see people say that they have been getting. 4 epic. 2 mono & 2 bary. One rare too. Tounji.

I suppose the next one I come across won’t bare as fruitfully.

Edit: was stationary at my house for it as well. Not doing the double up while moving.

Unfortunately because I live and work in the heart of downtown L3 and the other locals are not close, it’s the only way for me to have a chance at epic DNA. I only have 40 minutes total outside of L3 on my typical day…I dont know man.

Soo happy for u man!! I’ve gotten a total of 3 “free” epic scents. I used 2 while stationary (produced single local epic each) and the most recent post was while mobile…

But Curious @John_Wayne
What have you seen people reporting? :smirk:


Basically what you said. Junk one-two lucky people get three. There have been a few who have bragged about four each time. But I don’t put stock into everything I read on here haha!

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